Soccer Team Motivation


Abdourahaman Balde

On October 19, a new team year starts for the soccer team at Liberty High School. During the first two games, many players didn’t cooperate and the team lost both games.  The coach doesn’t know what to do and he wants to find a solution to motivate the team.


One problem is that many players on that team don’t communicate. They don’t talk to each other after the game and they don’t like to work in a team after a soccer game. Mor Ndiaye, the goalie says, “Nobody, not even me, protects the goal we have.”


Another problem is after school. One player, Mohamed Ndiaye said, “Some of us don’t have time to practice because we are going to work. And the schedule has an impact on things like leaving school at 2:45 or 3: 30. You go to work and that means you cannot practice because you don’t have a lot of time.”  Many players say the same. 


The solution is possible. The captain, Mohamed Bamba said, “They need to use the Perma model to identify the things that the team needs like to make them happy. Talk to them about positive things and work so hard to satisfy the team. The school, me, the captain and the coach need to put in place this model to remove any obstacle that comes in the match.  Manage the team and the opponent positively, reinforce the team positively like not being afraid of anything and put in mind that we are gonna achieve that goal like to win.”


Another solution is that the team needs a lot of cooperation to talk about the team, not only if they have a game.  The team needs to find fields for practice and time to do more practice. The Coach, Mr. Kassim says, “The team should run a lot, do exercise before the game or after the game like concentrate or have a concentration in the match. Help each other in the team if one of them has a difficulty specially try to fix the mistake that our team member did and do not scream at our team member if he makes a mistake but fix that or show them how to do next time, laugh with all members in that team.”

At the end, communication is key. If everyone  understands each other, the team would have no problem and the team will progress well.