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June 9, 2024
Sunrise, Sunset
Sunrise, Sunset
June 9, 2024

A New Opportunity

“You don’t need to know a language to play music…”

Since prehistoric eras, man has felt the need to express what he feels. Not just through language , which is a basic necessity for survival, but through something else. At some point, our ancestors found a medium powerful enough to move our feelings (metaphorically speaking), causing commotion to our souls, bringing multiplicity of thoughts to our minds, and particularly causing varied reactions in each person who experiences it. This type of communication is understandable in all languages, and is called music.

I personally came from a country where music is a vital factor for the development of society.  It is ingrained in our culture, like in a lot of countries all over the world. Although it may seem contradictory, music is a synonym of joy and also grief, of passion and bitterness, of love and detestation… a beggar can be the protagonist of a masterpiece and then a king can be the listener. It retells stories, legends, it can be an anthem of rebellion against tyranny, or a manifestation of solemnity to a faithful cause. There are no boundaries, you can be totally free and authentic.

So, you might ask, what is the point of this explanation? Well, it is crucial for you to comprehend just a little bit of the vast importance of music in our lives, because it is easier to see the relevance of what is happening today in our institution.

Some students at Liberty High School witnessed last year there were no musical classes, and this year we see a difference. This year, Liberty High School has included in the art program a space for choral classes (choir singing) and guitar lessons.

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Every student participant is provided with an instrument, several professors are involved, and every day at the same period they teach about a different area because the subject itself is not completely focused on music, but also other branches of arts, like poetry, drama, visuals, and drawing.

Everyone enjoys something different in music.  Jazmin, a new student this year, said what she loves about songs are the lyrics, but Emily mentioned, “it depends on what song I’m going to listen to.” Eva Gomez, a 10th grade student, explained her experience listening to songs. “I just love it, because it makes me feel good, increases my self-confidence and it helps me emotionally.  Also singers inspire me a lot,” she continued .. “about the program.. it is a great opportunity to discover potential new talents between students, and also people can express themselves in a different way.”  Oscar Castillo who was elected as vice president of the school expressed cheerfully “They’re going to get a lot out of that program, and of course, I support them.”

Ricardo Galicia, a senior this year, who is taking the class, commented “The art class, despite offering a select variety of artistic areas, I feel is precisely crude because it varies greatly in the educational program of young people, making it difficult for them to fully immerse in the knowledge and experience offered by a more specific and focused program. However, I think it is a good proposal as it could act as an example of which artistic areas exist and to sow a seed for a more thorough message.”

Ms. Factor, one of our teachers in the program and tutor of guitar stated, “Although it is just the beginning, it is very exciting. Students who are not in the class are thinking about how to create a club, so it can be a sole class like, for example, journalism.”  She then added, “It’s really fun, you don’t need to know a language to play music.”

As we can see, there are different expectations and views, all of them valuable. We should use the suggestions to improve those aspects that need to be polished, because at the end we are all beneficiaries of a program that leaves a memory in our minds that can be useful for the future.  Who knows, it can even be a turning point in the life of someone who will be of influence tomorrow.  It really is a new opportunity for all of us.

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Sinai Elosegui
  • Lives in  Manhattan, NY .
  • Originally from Cuba.
  • “Born as an artist ”
  • Loves Music, Science, Stars and Laughter.

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