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See the World
February 26, 2024
Dear Liberty... Fall 2023
Dear Liberty... Fall 2023
December 14, 2023

See the World

Just imagine booking your flight and going to Jamaica to spend your vacation and being able to go to the “Bob Marley Museum” to see his accomplishments! What a joy!

Traveling can allow you to discover new things, encounter new people, have new experiences and a lot more. It can also allow you to vanquish your fears and feel less intimidated.


As Labeeba, a student at Liberty High School says, ‘Traveling is more important than reading 100 books.”

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Traveling is vital in a person’s life. It can allow you to discover new things, have fun and encounter new people. For example, when I was in Paris this past December, I met a lot of new people that I thought I would never meet. I also discovered that the Louvre Museum is the largest museum in the world. I would not have known that if I didn’t travel.

Moreover, Labeeba says, “I love to travel for two reasons. The first reason is you just change your habit, the second reason is you can have the ability to learn about other places. When you’re a person who basically is shy, traveling gives you the opportunity to communicate with many individuals. It can also contribute to adding to your skillset, for instance learning a new language.”


Additionally, as Ms. Epstein, a teacher at Liberty High School says, “Traveling can expand your intelligence, allow you to acquire knowledge, and relieve stress.”

Traveling is an indispensable resource to nourish your brain and mindset. It can help you to build intelligence and to have a lot of knowledge. Additionally, Ms. Epstein says, “We live in a global world and traveling is very essential to understanding that world.”  It is really good to go to another country to communicate with others because everybody has their own inner brightness that they can share.


However, as my mother Thioro Diokhane says, “Traveling can have some harmful consequences. We don’t have to just focus on the positive effects to the point that we might forget the detrimental consequences. Traveling can depreciate your amount of money that you really need.” This demonstrates that, even though it’s fun to travel all around the world, it can have some disadvantages.


As mentioned, traveling is a vital resource to help with one’s fears and shyness. It certainly has many more advantages than disadvantages.

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