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February 26, 2024
Dear Liberty... Fall 2023
Dear Liberty... Fall 2023
December 14, 2023

Butterflies in the Stomach


You are walking through the hallways, you’re running late to your next class… and suddenly that person enters into your vision field. Pum! Your heart starts beating uncontrollably and you suddenly get nervous. You might experience some kind of physical feeling in your stomach, popularly known as Feeling Butterflies in the stomach. It’s in the high school age-range that young folks initiate a process of sexual discovery; they initiate to develop unknown feelings, and start to dive into the complexity of a romantic relationship. In Liberty High School, this is no different. In the school there is an environment of cultural diversity, resulting in relationships in which both parties might have different perspectives, aspirations and expectations. It is of pivotal importance to acknowledge that these processes are part of the personal development of an individual, allowing them to acquire and sharpen their social skills, as well as permitting them opportunities to emotionally mature.

Love does not judge race, color or background. It is a universal feeling that transcends borders, space and even time. Liberty High School is a place for newcomers, as its official name portrays. Within the school, the classrooms and hallways joy the presence of hundreds of students with different backgrounds, cultures and life visions. We can find people from that land that saw man-kind arise and evolve; Africa, passing to countries from the old and the new world. And yet.. Love is still there, making its way through language, customs, traditions, and even ideologies. “Love has no boundaries. It completely surpasses any border, any race. It has no limit,” says Ms. Morel, teacher at Liberty High School. As Ms. Morel relates, love has the capacity to obviate superficial traits, such as one’s race or nationality. This is mainly because we are social beings, and sometimes we will meet people with whom we would want to spend time, people whom we would like to watch succeed, watch them happy.

Biologically, Love can be explained as a pheromone cocktail, a chemical reaction that is carried by the hormone Oxytocin. However, being human and considering our capacity to create concepts regarding nature itself, love is more than that… Love is a feeling, an emotion, a force, able to make you do or think things than usually you would never consider. To Jose Paucar, a former student at Liberty High School, “Love is the strongest feeling we can feel, when you feel someone you wish them and you feel passionate. Love is the fuel that makes us continue our way.” Jose not only considers the love we feel towards other people, but as well towards inanimate things, activities, and even animals “I love boxing, my dogs and the activities I usually do.” Love is a general concept that refers to that strong feeling to really wish whatever we’re loving, to being thinking about it all day, and to feel a really sharp happiness whenever we get that thing.

Nonetheless, all that glitters is not gold. Recalling an iconic phrase from The Hunger Games, “It’s the things we love the most, that destroy us.” The same way Love can make us feel awesome, unbeatable, unstoppable, making us feel that we are high in the sky… it’s the same way Love can cut your wings and make you fall and hit the ground. As priorly established, when you feel love towards someone or something, you feel really good. But as soon as that thing leaves your life, it might be a really hard time for us. Sincerely, nothing it’s sempiternal, time is unstoppable, people change, and things deteriorate. So regarding love, it is almost like walking on a rope. To Cesar Augusto, a young man working in the city, “Love is a bet, it can go really well for you, as well as it can be a bad play, but you’ll never find out if you never try it. Yes, there will be times you will be struggling, but those moments are often compensated with the good memories and excellent moments you went through.”

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It’s pretty important to explore the significance of our feelings, to discover new things, new experiences, and to live them fully. We only live once, and loving our family or people that are important to us is undeniably an unskippable step to live in plenitude. “Love is the one thing we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space. Maybe we should trust that, even if we can’t understand it.” (Interstellar)

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