Caring for Each Other


Jefferson Pasochoa

First aid is the first and immediate assistance given to any person with either a minor or serious illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, or to promote recovery. Most students in many schools don’t know how to provide first aid and it is alarming because in an emergency case it is supposed that they should be prepared to bring help. As was seen recently, last February 17 a classmate of Liberty High School suffered a heart attack. Nobody knew what to do and just called a teacher, nobody was able to help her.


There are different cases of accidents, cases in which different processes must be carried out for each one in order to provide the required first aid. When you see anybody suffering an epileptic attack you must put his head on something soft and flat, remove any object around the neck that makes it difficult to breathe and if it is possible take the duration of the seizure, this is how a person should react in an epileptic attack emergency. Obviously, there are many accidents daily and each one has to be treated in different ways.


According to Lady Pasochoa, the person who suffered an epileptic attack, “I was normal in my lunch time, I was surrounded by my friends, but I began to feel scared because I felt something strange was happening with me and for no reason my breathing became heavy to the point that I could not breathe and I began to choke on my own saliva. Everything became dark and the only thing that I could think was that if somebody , no matter who just that somebody, could come to help me”. “I was scared, I was really scared,” said Lady Pasochoa.


Teachers and School managers have to begin to think about their students’ well-being and implement a first aid teaching program to teach their students to care for each other. “In my opinion, it would not be bad to learn about first aid because it will be applied not only in schools but wherever a person needs immediate help until the paramedics arrive, in addition to this knowledge, they would stay for life with the person who learned it”, said Cristhian Salcet, 18, student of Liberty High School.


According to Mr. Segura, assistant to the Principal, “I think first aid is an important tool in quickly responding to accidents to ensure that injuries can be efficiently and promptly dealt with before a trained medical professional arrives to administer more specialized treatment, and teach this in the school could bring us not just security and safety but we would be teaching students to better prepare for their future”.


There are many ways to implement first aid teaching into schools. “Schools could ask for programs where some doctors can come to our schools to give theoretical classes in a specialized room for medicine from 45 to 75 minutes, at least twice a week after regular classes. And for better teaching to carry out practices on weekends about the correct procedure to apply first aid,” said Cristhian Salcet.