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February 26, 2024
Dear Liberty... Fall 2023
Dear Liberty... Fall 2023
December 14, 2023

The Importance of Teenagers Reading


Imagine that each book is like a chest full of treasures, and reading is the key that opens the door to a world full of adventures and knowledge. Reading is a door to knowledge, imagination and understanding of the world around us where we can find differences between us. The importance of reading lies in its ability to nourish the mind, broaden horizons and stimulate empathy. People have their own beliefs, opinions, and attitudes that you can learn from, making each other learn about themself and face the world.

Teenagers should read books to open their minds to knowledge. The Scottish Book Trust states, “ Reading helps teens develop their self-understanding and understanding of others, and can support their emotional wellbeing at a particularly tumultuous period of life.” This proves when we read a book we can learn about the experiences of different people and their perspectives, beliefs, and opinions. This allows teens to have differing perspectives about their lives. Some people say that reading is a waste of time when it clearly isn’t. Teens can open their minds and think big about our world and its future.

Reading can help teens emotionally. In a book we can understand many emotions and perspectives about how people feel and how they confront their problems. Teens can learn how to control their emotions or confront an issue that is tormenting them. According to, “When we read about others with similar experiences, we can feel less alone. This is especially good for youth facing challenges.” This proves how reading can promote mental health.

Reading can strengthen brain activity in teens. Evidence from Medium states, “A 2013 study out of Emory University measured readers MRI scans as they read a book. They found that the deeper readers went into the story, the more areas of their brain activated.” It’s clear that when teens read a book the teens force their brain to develop critical and analytical thinking skills, exercising memory, so teens can keep their brain exercising.

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Reading can encourage teens to unlock new worlds and expand their knowledge. I challenge teens to discover the joy of exploring new perspectives, cultures, learning and going on adventures through literature. We can have a world with great readers!

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