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February 26, 2024
Dear Liberty... Fall 2023
Dear Liberty... Fall 2023
December 14, 2023

The Bad Side of The Internet

The Bad Side of The Internet

The internet is accessible to everyone, and everyone is good prey for cyberbullying.  Cyberbullying includes sharing personal or private information about someone else, causing embarrassment or humiliation. The information that is shared on social media can be used as a way to bully. Some cyberbullying crosses the line into unlawful or criminal behavior. In actuality, since most people have access to the internet, they can be victims of social media bullies.

Cyberbullying can cause a mental health issue. According to an article, “Each person that experiences it in a different way and each situation is different, but the psychological consequences of cyberbullying are generally serious: it damages the self-esteem and the ability of minors to relate to each other, and in extreme cases it can lead to depression.”  This demonstrates that cyberbullying is not a game to play with others’ feelings since everyone has a limit, and the limit can be depression that can end in death. Everyone can be used as a victim because everyone is using the internet or social media.

Cyberbullying makes it easier for the stalker to bully, rather than facing the victim. According to an article, “The Internet and devices make aggressors appear more confident and act more impulsively and aggressively, daring to do things that in other types of circumstances they would not do.”  This reveals that behind the screen the aggressors are braver and they do not feel any emotion for their victims.

People around the world don’t feel secure on the internet because the government doesn’t provide adequate protection. According to an article, “In 2018, 76% of respondents believe that the governments of the countries examined do not pay enough attention to cyberbullying. It is also striking that 25% of those interviewed do not even know what cyberbullying is.”  However, cyberbullying is a real problem that causes many issues.  Everyone wants to feel safe on the internet, but if the government doesn’t confront the problem, people don’t feel protected. The Internet is a tool and needs to be safer for everyone everywhere, but the government needs to help.

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Do you know someone who experienced cyberbullying?  Did anyone help that person? Did you know that cyberbullying can be controlled?  We need to look for a way to stop spreading false information and create an awareness campaign to raise awareness about all the risks and consequences of cyberbullying.  In addition, laws need to be implemented to protect individuals on the internet. Remember, you don’t always know who you are in contact with when using the internet, but it is best not to share personal information that could be used against you.

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