Youth and Mental Health


Rossanna Emiliano

 Adolescence is a stage in which young people experience many emotional, physical and social changes. The well-being of young people and adolescents during this period of their lives is essential to avoid health problems in the future. Some students suffer from depression, stress, frustration and overwhelm due to the amount of work and homework they receive at school.


Unfortunately, mental health  is taking over the minds of young people very quickly. Marlyn Guzman, 18 years old, a student from Liberty High School says,”From my point of view, as I am also a young person, I think so, the pressure towards us becomes a little heavier every time.” These pressures towards young people can be, not having a decent job and not being able to help at home as they would like, perhaps being discriminated against.


According to Ms.Cristine Beckheusen, Internship coordinator from Liberty High School, mental health can be cured or controlled with adequate treatment, with specific medications. “Have good eating habits, exercise, avoid tobacco and alcohol, sleep 8 hours, have good social relationships and it is very important to meditate.”


One of the tasks that young people face during adolescence is the definition of a new identity. This is achieved through a long process of psychological and emotional changes. One of the emotional changes that students can go through is anxiety or depression for not doing the things they would like.


Oscar Castillo, 18 years old, a students from Liberty High School says, “I have not suffered anxiety or depression due to the burden that the tasks leave me, but I have suffered a lot of stress since many times I feel that I cannot do it because I am not smart enough and that causes me a lot of discouragement and many times I wonder why I am doing. That’s if I can’t.”


Although many students do not suffer or say what they feel, teachers and family members must be attentive to their behavior since they can help them, give them advice on how to calm things down and give them more love and patience that they may need