Eye Test at Liberty High School – December 6, 2022


Javiera Cuneo

Liberty High School has always been really helpful and concerned about the students, today we can see this. At the school we had an eye test for every student, the best and most exciting part is that it’s free. Ms. Reyes, a member of Catholic Charities said, “I think it is a very good initiative, because some students don’t have the resources, or they don’t know where to go for the eye exam.” 

Today there were a lot of students from every class going to the library to get this test, and almost every student in the school got tested.  Students could immediately find out if they need glasses just like in any routine exam, and some of them were doing this for the first time. Maryam Diouf, a student from Liberty High School said, “This is my first time doing this test, and I think it is great doing it at school.” 

For other students, this was pretty much something they are used to, because they already have eye problems, so this was pretty much a regular test for them. Jefferson Pasochoa said, “Está bien porque este procedimiento nos ayuda en la salud y económicamente, y yo lo aprecio porque sé que tengo problemas en mi ojo izquierdo.” (It’s good because this procedure helps our health and financially, and I appreciate it because I know I have problems with my left eye.

The team who came today from Optical Academy to make the test for the students, came with all the equipment and machines needed to do it, being a network of passionate eye care professional ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, and technicians, leading onsite mobile eye care and eyewear led by Optical Industry Veteran Abby Ayoub. Robert, a technician at Optical Academy said, “I like this, you’re the first school to do this for the whole school, also the students did pretty well, that’s something really good.” The school was concerned about the students’ health that’s why they did all this work with Optical Academy to improve the vision of the students, and also to help them to reach this source without paying anything. He also said, “If you have 300 students you can have 100 or 80 with eye problems.”

This event went very well, the service from the school was excellent, and the dedication of the team of school aides, they made this process so much easier with their organization and patience. Also, the team from Optical Academy was so efficient in administering the test to the students. It was a great team effort for everyone to come together and help us all here at Liberty High School.