Karen Galindo

Homecoming is an annual tradition in America. Usually, it is held at the end of September or in October to welcome students. Homecomings are a time when the school’s faculty, students, and alumni come together to show their pride in Liberty High School. As a student already attending college, returning to your high school, and to the homecoming parties can be rewarding and memorable if you take advantage of the opportunity for students. Also, homecoming creates new memories so that your school experience is as rich as can be is super important. The seniors and teachers attended the welcome party on November 18, 2022, in the Alianza Dominicana Cultural Center room in Washington Heights.  Geovanny Jacome’s opinion about it is, “It was a great experience before my graduation with my friends, living this experience with them and my teachers makes me feel happy because I know them a little better.”

The student president of Liberty High School, Amelia Carbajal said “After the homecoming, I felt happy, I saw people that I hadn’t seen in a long time and was waiting to see.  I met new people who have the same interests that I have.  I also felt proud of myself because I had been preparing the speech for a long time and it turned out well.”

Jeferson Blanco, the captain of the Liberty High School football team said “After homecoming, I felt tired but happy because it was a very nice moment with my friends in which we all looked cuter than usual, and of course, we had a good time.  Also from this, I take some advice from people who are already in the stage in which I will be in a few months.  I also take with me all the laughter and fun times we had at the homecoming.”

Evelyn Samaniego, felt “Good, it was nice to see friends and graduates again, share with others, and above all, dance to music that in life I would have imagined that I would dance.  I take with me a lot of beautiful memories, new experiences, and above all getting to know the cultures of another country.”