Fashion Preference


Liberty High School students who give preference to fashion. Kelly Castillo

Kelly Castillo

In New York City schools  fashion is a form of expression, and we are not just talking about  the designer’s perspective, but that of the client. Today more than ever, the fashion consumer knows, thinks and shares, so it is essential to know what they are looking for and where to be able to plan and make fashion stores and businesses evolve.


Fashion preferences are highly subjective and can vary greatly from person to person. It is influenced by a variety of factors including personal taste, cultural norms, social status, and individual style. Some people prefer classic and timeless styles, while others are drawn to more edgy and avant-garde designs. Additionally, fashion preferences can change over time and be influenced by trends and societal shifts.


“When I wear loose clothes I feel comfortable because I can move more freely and so I don’t feel harassed by men,”  said Maria Perez, 18 years old, a student of Liberty High School. “Most of my clothes are not branded because sometimes I don’t have the chance to buy them, but I feel proud to wear any clothes regardless of whether they are branded or not.”


According to the Principal at Liberty High School, Ms. Huegel, in almost all schools in New York there is a probability of bullying by men, this means “when female students dress in low-cut clothes, men harass them, that’s why  the school decided  that it is better to prohibit them from wearing small and low-cut clothes.” Liberty High School has proposed a policy to all students in which they must abide by the rules and if they do not. “The young people will be punished, the first time they will be deprived of going out for lunch for a week, the second time they will have a talk with Mr. McBrien and  the third time they do not comply, they will be sent a letter of commitment to their parents.” 


Currently, some popular fashion trends include oversized clothing, sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, athleisure wear, and nostalgic fashion inspired by previous decades.