Spirit Week: Operation Behind the Scenes


Paul Ehui Yepie

Spirit week is a special event hosted by high school students in all United States high schools, and this event is hosted by the student council of those schools. In Liberty High school for Newcomers today are the people responsible for the preparation of spirit week: the student Ehui Paul Yepie president, Caribay Suarez vice president, Ibrahima Leye secretary and Sudipta Saha treasury. 


According to the Classroom “ the purpose of Spirit Week is to get the kids enthused and supportive of the school. The week also serves to get students involved, working cooperatively and united on a common goal of promoting the school”, toward that regard how student conseil liberty High school had honored the American costume? 


For a good ceremony and for a happy celebration, all things need to be planned. According to Mr. Judd Karlan, the student activity administrator “ For a great celebration we need a clear and detailed plan.” On that note this was the student activities plan toward spirit week 2022 calling it, “Operation Smile”. 

For “Operation Smile” it will happen in three weeks, The two first weeks were the preparation and assembly of the different elements and the last week was the actuel spirit week. 

As said spirit week, meaning that during five days students will have to do or wear clothes based on different themes for the day.

Monday was Sports Day, Tuesday was Twins day, Wednesday was Culture day, Thursday was Cupid Day and Friday was School Spirit day. For better efficiency the student president council gave different jobs to the different members of the student government.

  • Decoration / 5 pillars: Caribay
  • Packaging: Sudipta 
  • Selling / Delivering: Ehui Paul Yepie
  • Culture activities/ Deadline : Ibrahima


During the conducting of the different activities and planning, misunderstanding and lack of communication may interfere and slow the process of development of this event. As declared by Mr. Judd Karlan, “There was a lack of communication between Catholic   Charities and the student government when creating the decoration of the caferteration. This was not the plan.”


Another difficulty was the preparation of the culture day. Ibrahima said, “They didn’t give me a lot of time to pick and choose candidates for sharing their culture as announced in the Operation Smile.”

And one more problem that interfered during the selling and packaging of the candies, Sudipta stated, “There was a lot to do, the order and command did not much, we were obligated to go back and track most of those who had bought to find who to deliver to and how packaging the boxes.”  


Even with a good plan, troubles and problems will always appear, but only with determination that we can overcome. Which had been done they came out with ideas to be able to deliver the celebration as promised.

For the decoration, the student government opted for posters and pictures on the pillars. For the culture day, presentations of culture were canceled And for the packaging and delivering, small groups of two people went to find the buyer and reestablish the connection in the delivering.

To sum up, the preparation for the event was tiring and not easy but the determination and persistence of hard work was acknowledged. Fatou Kane said, “I enjoy it!” Bintou Kone, said, “It was great and I had a lot of fun,” Jose Ferraras said,  “It is not that bad. I received my candies.” Mor Lo said,  “I like the decoration, but they can do better.”

To finish I will leave you with this quote “It was not that easy but we are happy to be able to make it through. We are hoping that the next generation will use our example as stample and do better to push their next generation up to the challenge.” Said Ehui Paul Yepie, President of the student council.