Books are not Important Anymore


Engel Harvey Garcia

 In an era dominated by technology and digital media, the significance of books may appear to decrease. However books remain an indispensable part of our lives, playing a crucial role in shaping individuals and societies alike. The Gutenburg  Bible was published by Johannes Gutenberg. The Bible is the first printed book.

The history of books dates back thousands of years, and the evolution of books as a medium of written communication has played a vital role in the development of human civilization. The earliest known form of writing emerged around 3500 BCE in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Papyrus (Paper made from papyrus was the chief writing material in ancient Egypt, was adopted by the Greeks, and was used extensively in the Roman Empire.) , a material made from the pith of the papyrus plant, was used to create scrolls in ancient Egypt. These scrolls were long sheets of papyrus written horizontally, which were then rolled up for storage.

According Healthline to the importance of the books  is: 

  •  improves brain connectivity.
  • increases your vocabulary and comprehension.
  • empowers you to empathize with other people.
  • aids in sleep readiness.
  • reduces stress.
  • lowers blood pressure and heart rate.
  • fights depression symptoms.
  • prevents cognitive decline as you age.

Some people see the value of having books in their hands. 

As an example of that Ms. Polanco works for Catholic Charities and is an active reader; she states that “reading books helps you develop strong vocabulary, expand your knowledge, and continuously recharge your imagination. 

Ms. Cohen, who is a professor of liberty high school, also thinks books are important because you learn about any topic that you want. She also thinks not only topics can be others people experience, “sometimes these experiences can be real or imaginaries which most of the time are interesting.”

There are many disadvantages of reading books according to BEST BOOK SUMMARIES  

  • Need Money to Buy Good Books…
  • Reading Too Many Books Without…
  • Taking Action Is a Waste of Time …
  • Physical Books Are Hard to Carry …
  • Less Time for Being Cool …
  • Your Friends Will Treat You Less …
  • Reading Takes Time & Effort…


On the other hand some people don’t appreciate the importance of books.

Oscar Castillo, Student from Liberty High School thinks that “books have a lot of letters and books make me tired. For me it is more fun to look up on the internet and get whatever” Also expressed that “I obviously look up on the internet because it is less stressful. I spend 2 to 3 hours using my phone. I prefer reading a virtual book because I spend all my time on the phone. I prefer to read books virtually.


Over 90% of the people prefer to look up on the internet instead of reading a book because they understand that it is easier, faster and more productive like Ms. Cohen, who states that she prefers to look up on the internet; the internet is faster and does most of the things that you need. As a result, Digital Books has revolutionized the way people consume books. With devices like readers tablets, and smartphones, readers can access a vast library of books electronically. According to Tagari The impact of digital technology on the book industry has been significant, with e-books becoming more popular and less expensive to produce than their print counterparts. In addition to having greater profits from the sale of e-books, publishers have been encouraged to distribute more books to readers. Concerns about the demise of printed books have been raised, but it appears that demand for them remains strong despite the introduction of digital media.