Incarceration Inequality


Salimata Diakite

It’s shocking to realize that 2,306 black people per 100,000 are incarcerated in the US and  next to that we can see that the white people are 450 per 100,000. The difference clearly shows racism in terms of incarceration.

Since 1980, black people have been incarcerated the most compared to other races. Incarceration is unfair in the US because most of the time they don’t look for the  crime but the race and black people are treated by more racism than other races. 

 People should not go to jail because of their skin color but because of crime. Even if they and white people commit the same crime, they will be incarcerated for more time because he had the misfortune of being born black. By putting them  in jail for more time they really destroy their lives because when they come out of jail it will be hard for them to find a job, even impossible. Also, they see their family suffer because of money. They will do bad things to get money to take care of their family because in their mind the society rejected them and as a result, return to jail.

According to Prison Policy Initiative, “Black people make up 41% of the death row population.” It shows that they are treated with more racism than other races. Since this act continues to be an issue for them and this will not change if the government does not change it. According to Prison policy InitiativeIn 2019 nothing will change because black people continue to be  at the top of the most incarcerated race.” That means 9 years later this inequality still exists and nobody takes it as an important  issue because for them it’s totally normal to put black people more time in jail even if they do the same crime as white people and that ‘s unfortunately unfair for black community  because they suffer from this  inequality. They will have difficulty finding a job because people will not try to know them because the only things they will see will be they are black and they were in jail and even if they find work it will not be enough to take care of them and their family. 

According to Research Gate “Black people are 33.0% of recidivism, while white people are only 30.3%. Also, Black people have the highest amount of recidivism.” This clearly shows that there are victims of racism and it really affects black community lives because research shows that after jail they had a higher level of unemployment compared to white people. It’s like society wanted to tell us that white people deserve a second chance after jail but not black people due to their skin color. 


We should fight for inequality in incarceration. Nobody chooses his skin color even if skin color should not be  an  obstacle. The U.S should make laws about incarceration inequality, this law has to be really clear and strong and be communicated for police officers and everybody to respect this law.