Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse


Ashly R. Ynoa

Women every day, suffer some kind of sexual harassment on the streets. They do not feel safe, or they spend most of their time thinking that “I will listen today when I leave my house, they will be rude to me, disrespect me or just look at me in a perverted way.” It is a very difficult problem that in my opinion would not be easily solved.


We women suffer a lot while we are growing up (it sounds like a victim, but it is the truth), they say if we wear a skirt or somewhat short dress, we have to take responsibility for the behavior of men when they harass us.


Women suffer sexual harassment from a very young age (something personal from the age of 6 I suffered harassment by a man), we think when we are girls that that a MAN is not going to hurt us because he could be my father, he will not look at me or touch me because I am a girl , but we are wrong. They start with words we don’t understand and as we grow and our physique changes. It is horrible to have to leave the house and hear rude words towards you, like “How delicious are you mommy” That’s something they think we like but no, they don’t know when to stop.


The world has always seen people who do not respect others, committing very harmful acts towards others, many times these abuses may end in murder,  ending the future of that person, just to fulfill their wishes.


An attacker may use physical force or threats, or even give drugs or alcohol to his victim for sexual abuse. Sexual abuse includes rape and sexual coercion.


  • Any type of sexual contact with a person who cannot give consent, such as a person who is underage (according to state law), who has an intellectual disability, or who is passed out (for example, due to drug or alcohol use) or is unable to respond (for example, because she is asleep).
  • Any type of sexual contact with a person who does not consent
  • Attempted rape
  • Unwanted touching or touching over or under clothing

In conclusion we can say that any contact towards another person in an inappropriate way can be classified as sexual harassment.


The most visible problem that we can observe is the behavior men have against the opposite sex. In all parts of the world women suffer harassment or rape, all because of a man’s fever. Women are mistreated violently just by how they look or what they wear.  A woman pointed out that since she is a child, they are taught to be afraid. They tell her that they have to act female but if you act too much in front of a boy and he says something rude to you, it is your fault for being very female.


In the news we can see the types of cases of sexual harassment and most times it is because of how the woman looked, men tell her things just in case she has a mini skirt, or visible cleavage, there is no respect for us, they point us and we have to take the blame for those who cannot control themselves.

Sexual harassment or rape is caused by traumatized men who like to feel in control, who had a difficult childhood, where they had no one to protect them from the world or cruel people.

Depending on how your childhood was, it’s the kind of harm you do to others. Many men who abuse a woman feel out of hatred or sadness for the harm they caused her. Also the harm comes from men who only like to feel the power and the pleasure to harm others.


The bullies or rapists also went through the same or almost similar, they harm another because they were harmed.


I want everyone to pay more attention to the problem. Perpetrators should be  punished for what they do regardless of their social status, that we put more attention on the matter than it really is. A very frequent problem for these criminals is that they need to learn to respect women. I want them to know how it feels to be raped, and  be punished about it, that it is not fair women have to go through all the trauma and fear just because some man wanted it.  Many of the men who commit sexual abuse or harassment of a woman do not receive fair punishment if he has good resources or a high social status and does not face justice as it should be.


Because of this, many women and girls fall into depression and reach the point of suicide, which affects the mind of the victim and ends up inside us. We get to feel an immense pain that never ends even if we just want to overcome it and make it a part of power towards our feelings.