Prostitution in Young Women

Rossanna Emiliano

More than a million women are kidnapped each year for prostitution in the United States. Sex trafficking is a horrendous crime that robs the victims of their freedom and dignity, leaving them feeling isolated and powerless.

Women who work in the environment of prostitution mostly belong to their pimps who are the ones who move everyone to get money based on them, many of the women are kidnapped by men and taken to another country.

Another problem is that many of these women enter the business of prostituting themselves because they do not see opportunities in their lives other than working. Perhaps cleaning the house or working in a business and to get money perhaps faster because perhaps they have an obligation and see this as something simple and good.


According to Britannica, “90 percent of all prostitutes are dependent on a pimp.” This is important because it shows that the prostitutes, depending mostly on the prostitute, are already kidnapped or they do not know how to move in that environment or it is simply that he is the man who gets them. 

Another evidence from Britannica  that, ”Some are forced into the trade due to human traffickers, while others enter the trade due to financial hardships. “This evidence show that the majority are subjected to having sexual relations against their will and perhaps even are kidnapped or stolen from their families to sell them and. Get money from them while the cons only do it because they do not have enough supplements to feed themselves or live a decent life and they see prostitution as something faster to get what they want.


Aura Casino from Brazil, São Paulo, was forcedly married by her father and divorced the next day. Between 1910 and 1930, she worked as a prostitute on the streets of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. With the money from sex work she traveled to Europe. She had only studied up to third grade, but she appreciated literature, plastic arts, and popular and classical music. Later, she worked as a maid in various houses, but did not stay in any of them. Aurora was thus able to develop certain skills, discovering in herself a pictorial talent.  In conclusion, the governments should create many solutions for the women who sell their bodies for money by offering places where they can get access to rehabilitation or simply help to find a decent job.  Aura turned her life around. Others can too.