Protect Wild Animals


Valentina Marquez

A Spanish Youtuber; YoSoyPlex, received multiple bad comments because he had bought a capybara; a kind of wild rodent, to keep at home as a pet. He recorded a video for his youtube channel showing his “new gift” to his followers. At the beginning of the video we can see the conditions of the capybara where it was brought home, in a small box with some holes where it can barely breath. Most of his followers reacted badly, they even unfollowed him and wrote a lot of comments insulting him for his abuse to this animal.


Another Spanish Youtuber, Frank Cuesta, also known as Frank de la Jungla, is an animal rights activist, he replied to the video with another video insulting the other youtuber for his action, inviting him to his rescue to learn about the animal freedom that every of them must have. Plex reconsidered what he did after seeing how these animals live healthy, free, and happy at the rescue, it changed his thoughts completely.


Wild animals must be in their habitat. Their nature is not at our homes, giving them food bought in pet shops. These animals live longer and better with his species than with us. Also, it can make them feel stressed and anxious due to the fact that they are not used to living with humans and they need space to move.


Buying animals from one country to bring them to our houses and leave them in cages, is animal abuse. These acts are illegal to commit them, and it is an atrocity.

According to “El Tiempo”, having wild animals at home is dangerous because  they can see humans as threats, and attack them to defend themselves. That is due to the fact that these animals are used to hunt in their habitat, and defend themselves from other animals.


“In the end, many animals end up abandoned, locked up or released in various ecosystems, which is a danger to our biodiversity.” This evidence by the same page says that it is our fault that the biodiversity of the whole world is in danger, and it is because we are buying these wild animals from different countries, for our desire to have in our homes animals that are not a cat, a dog, or a hamster.

We left them abandoned when they were grown because of their height, their tooth, or their destruction in the house. This means that they cannot survive alone in the streets unlike those animals that grew in their habitat, due to the fact that they grow without their hunting instinct, because no one taught  them.

We can see in “PETA” that says, “Many die before reaching their destinations.” This happens during the capture and the transport of these animals. Most of them are captured as babies and, during that trip, without their mother, they can mostly die.

To prevent this animal abuse is necessary to create awareness, educate the public, and follow laws and regulations that protect animals rights from being stolen, selled, boughted, and abandoned.


We must treat animals with compassion and respect, and take actions to protect their safety and well being.