Guns Control


Mariama Balde

On day in 2021, I saw a young boy who was killed in front of my building from gang violence.  He was in front of me, you couldn’t see him because the police were there, but you can see the blood.  He was innocent.  They were looking for one of his friends.  That’s how they killed my cousin too.  He was an only child, shopping at the store. His friend started to run away when he saw gang members coming close.  My cousin said he wasn’t running because he was innocent.  They shot him 3 times. In order to prevent this kind of thing from happening again. The control of firearms  must have a great importance because it is the loss of life forever.

Young people are killed without any reason. On November 30, 2021 a mass shooting occurred at oxford high school in the Detroit suburb of oxford township , Michigan , United States. Four students were killed and seven people were injured including a teacher. The 15-year boy Ethan Crumbley was allowed by his parents to have a gun because they already took a picture with him having a gun and posted that.  If they did not allow him or show him that a young boy can have a gun he was not going to have that or kill many students from his school. He planned the attack well before the incident. If he didn’t take the gun at school nobody would have lost their life on that day.


Many children in gangs have guns most of the time everywhere so they are permanently allowed to kill people. A couple weeks  ago I saw a lot of news about killing people at school or at the park. Considering if they didn’t permit civilians to buy or have guns nobody would die because of guns. The gun owners argue that the weapons actually make society safer and also give people power for self defense . This doesn’t make sense because not all the people are buying guns for self defense. That’s  why the killing problem is high all the time .Self defense is when you are using your physical force which is permitted in certain cases as an answer to a charge of violent crime so guns should not be used in self defense cases.


A lot of people die because the government doesn’t care about people who lose their life.  How can that be interesting to them if they are not losing any of their family members because of guns? I call the government and all the people to take this as a very serious problem because nobody can replace a losing life. If a person loses their life their family can lose everything:  dreams,  family and love ones that you will not see forever in this life. If we ignore this issue that mean we don’t have heart and not care about our life safety so please government, parents and neighbors we all supposed to vote for banishment of guns in our society the save our life and feel safe everywhere.