How Phone Technology is Affecting You


Geovanny Jacome

 In the United States and around the world people use their phones to investigate important information to know more about how the world is changing every day and of how this can affect people in a positive or negative way in society. 

With the idea of how we benefit ourselves with phone technology, we can know how helpful this can be for students. For example, Caribay Suarez, a student, says “What can take days or even months to pursue, takes less with technology and makes our lives easier. For example, phones. People used to communicate through letters that would take months to arrive or to receive a response back.”

Another opinion for Caribay Suarez is that ”Technology helps people because it makes our activities tasks efficient. We don’t have to work extra hard or spend days to get things done.” This shows her point of view on how that technology makes a change to do their work more efficiently.

New technology helps people and makes their lives less complicated in communication and information. Another student called Geovanny Garcia says “Something that I like about my phone is how it has all the information that I need to know more and communicate with others more easily.” 

Finally, some have different opinions when it comes to technology. Karen Gomez, says “Since people do not interact as before, where a personal conversation was very important and pleasant. They help in emergencies, we can locate those we need, and also are an excellent tool, but we should not make it necessary daily.” 

Phone technology is a big part of people’s lives and everyone has different points of view about how that technology can help people and help students in almost every aspect of their lives.