Working in a Juice Store


Nohemi Pichazaca

Juice Island is dedicated to the sale of natural and nutritious juices with a very good quality of service that it provides to its customers. Working in a juice store is not easy because different types of people come and each one has their tastes. You have to be very careful and attentive when taking an order.  In this job, you need to have a lot of responsibility.

Luis Vasquez who is a worker in a juice store at 1025 3rd Ave New York has been working in this juice store for 6 years. “A friend recommended me to my boss who is now and he gave me the job.” However, he always shows humility since it is essential in a job.  The main thing is always showing good service, you always have to treat customers with kindness, and respect and always have a good presentation. As Luis Vasquez says, “The most important is the customers, they are treated in a better way like a jewel because they are the ones who recommend the juice to more people.” Although sometimes it is difficult since some clients do not show much kindness. Always have to show your best. He says “Most of the clients are very friendly but there are also clients who complain about everything.” To work in a juice store you have to be very fast, especially when there are many deliveries, and you also have to learn the menu very well. When you take the order, you always have to be attentive to what they ask for since some people are allergic to certain things or are intolerant to lactation, the customer is always asked how they would like their order to be. The work area must always be clean and, most importantly, the use of gloves and each utensil used must be washed and in its place.  “Cleaning every day is important as it is mandated by the Department of Health.” Also, the fruits must also be in good condition and give the best product to the customer because the customer is the most important. Luis Vazquez says “Being focused at work is the best because it helps things go well”.

It is a very good experience to work in a juice store since you meet a lot of people and also interact with them and even sometimes get to know new cultures, and experiences, among other things. Best of all, you also learn new things that can eventually help you work in other workplaces.  Also to develop more English.