Building Confidence


Confidence, everyone wants it, especially young people in America. Confidence is based on different things, choices, self love, proactivity,  passion, believing and always being proud of yourself.  Confidence can help people to accept and trust themselves and have control of their life. 


First confidence can be built by being more proactive in your day to day living because a proactive person is always looking ahead at his passion, prioritizing important tasks and taking care to themself, assuming their responsibility to succeed and be passionate about what they love. According to Paul Yepie Liberty High School President,  “To be more proactive in my day to day I alway try to be in head of all things that I  have, pushing myself to do better in all matters and even though when I don’t understand, I sit back for a minute and then looking for solution, working hard and try to find time to breathe. For me my living day to day is to become better than yesterday.” 

Another essential part of confidence is self love. According to Ms Joanna de la Pena, motivational speaker, leadership expert, and entrepreneur states that.Love yourself unconditionally and trust in yourself unconditionally no matter what obstacles come your way you will have the courage to try and try again and never feel defeated because you will have a solution based mindset.” Self love is the fact of accepting who you are, making goals for yourself, not based on those who make fun of you or try you down but based on who you want to be. Having a love for yourself can help you reduce stress and  less confidence. 

Building confidence can also overcome a fear of failure. Sometimes many of us are afraid of failing due to less confidence and unsupportive or critical people around us. According to Ms. Suzanne Epstein, teacher and college counselor in Liberty high  school states that “I would like to write a novel because I love stories and reading but I have a fear of not writing good things that will not interest people”. Ms. Epstein  worries that she doesn’t have enough time or skill to actually write a long story or make it good enough to read. So she always gives up before starting because she thinks she will fail.


To sum up, confidence  helps us feel ready for life’s experience, fearlessness  and build better self-esteem.