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Dear Liberty... Fall 2023
Dear Liberty... Fall 2023
December 14, 2023
Don’t Watch, Act
Don’t Watch, Act
December 9, 2023

Makeup in New York Boosts Women and Men’s Confidence and Creativity


Makeup in New York City can be beneficial to women and men to feel safe and confident with themselves. In 2023 makeup can be an essential way to express yourself, or your culture, since makeup is a kind of art in which you can express your creativity.

Makeup can improve the self-esteem of women and men. When you’re wearing makeup, you feel a sense of security within yourself and can feel confident in how you look. Wendy Bueno, a young woman says,“ I think that makeup is important to the beauty of women because when I wear makeup I feel prettier. I can cover my imperfections like acne, so it does help me to improve my self-esteem.” When you’re wearing makeup it makes you feel confident because using a good technique to apply makeup can cover your “imperfections,” improving your appearance and highlighting a person’s beauty.

In addition, makeup allows women and men to celebrate their cultures using various colors of makeup palettes and having variable techniques to show their cultures and traditions. An example is from Mexico. Makeup can explain different traditions from the way that you use makeup like symbols, colors, or figures. Women and men use a variation of palette colors when they celebrate “Dia de Muertos” (Day of the Dead). Maria, an adult woman says, “When I wear makeup on an important day I can demonstrate my culture, tradition and the respect that I have for Mexican celebrities.” This is a beautiful way to express who you are or represent your country.

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Makeup is more than a tool to improve physical appearance. The importance of makeup extends to self-expression, self-confidence, culture and creativity. Throughout history and across diverse cultures around the world, makeup has been a powerful form of communication and personal expression. Ultimately, makeup reminds us that beauty goes beyond the superficial and that its value lies in the diversity and individuality of each person.

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