Jenny Guartasaca

Racism is one of the most terrible problems that exist in our society. “Racism is a big problem today because many people discriminate against you just because of the color of your skin and don’t know people as they are,” said Maira Galicia, a student at Liberty High School. Unfortunately, the sports world is not exempt from this problem, and one of the most recent and notorious cases is the one suffered by the Brazilian player Vinícius Junior. He is a Brazilian soccer player who plays as a striker for Real Madrid, one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world. According to CNN, the player, who began his career at Flamengo, has been the victim of racist comments from some fans and rivals. At just 16 years old, Vinícius has already had to deal with racism on several occasions. “Racist acts are not justified under any circumstances, including football matches. The fight against racism must be a joint effort of all sectors of society,” said Karina Acon, a student at Liberty High School.


Since his arrival at Real Madrid, Vinicius has been the target of racist comments on social networks. Comments range from outright insults to racist emojis. These comments are unacceptable and should have no place anywhere in society. Racism in sport not only occurs on social networks, but also on the pitch where a soccer match between Real Madrid and Valencia, both teams playing for the LaLiga prize, was overshadowed by vile chants directed at Real Madrid player Vinicius, a black player. Racism in sports is a very real problem that has plagued the sports world for a long time. According to the text hmong.es . “There are many examples of players who have been victims of racism, such as Didier Drogba, Mario Balotelli and Samuel Eto’o”.

In addition, we must denounce any act of racism that we see or suffer, and support those who are victims of discrimination. As individuals, we can contribute to the fight against racism by welcoming people from different backgrounds and cultures, and promoting dialogue and understanding among all people.


Racist acts can affect the mental health or self-esteem and well-being of the player, it can also affect their performance. In the game and even in his professional career. “It can make you feel uncomfortable with your coworkers and lose focus and not do things right,” said Edson Can, a student at Liberty High School.


Racism must be eradicated from society in general and from sport in particular. We must all take responsibility for ensuring that efforts are made to eradicate racism in whatever form it takes. Sports teams and organizations must take proactive and reactive measures to prevent and address racism in sport. And we as fans need to be more aware of how our words and actions can have a negative impact on others if we as people don’t help racism won’t stop. Only then can we create inclusive and fair sports spaces for all.