Faniel Gereziher

I can’t forget that day one mother was in outside in night with her son it was too cold she was hungry she became homeless cause her husband or her son father leaves them so she could not pay for the house. It was shocking and powerful. The issue is some homeless don’t want to work or live with some challenge because they want to beg or some homeless don’t get the chance to have a better life. The government providing assistance for people without homes is overall beneficial to the homeless population.


Homelessness affects more than a million Americans on any given night. However, government programs have done a lot to reduce the amount of homelessness in communities. The United States Department of Housing and Development regularly awards Homeless Assistance Grants to communities that administer housing and services locally. As a result, homelessness in many American communities has decreased by 15 percent.  As we see the government program was successful by helping the homeless and it has to keep spending money on the homeless.


The government also can be of great assistance providing food to the homeless. There are government food programs that provide for the homeless every night of the year. An example is the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) which has helped provide meals for individuals under  25 years. This good work these programs do emphasizes the need for homeless people to receive large scale assistance. If the government doesn’t help the homeless there will be too many homeless in the country.


The government not only provides services to homeless people but it helps find them homes to live in.  Homeless assistance systems have improved their ability to quickly respond to housing crises, get people back into housing. From 2016 to 2017 homelessness  increased nationality by 0.7 percent. There are some people who don’t agree with the government. They said the government should not support the homeless and should try by themselves.


This is the government’s responsibility and the government should help the homeless. People should feel about the homeless and they have to understand them and help them because we all people don’t know about tomorrow what will happen.