Traffic Control


Karsang Sherpa

Without traffic control, accidents would be unavoidable. Stoplights are necessary because vehicles would be unable to move to other places without colliding with other cars.  Sometimes  road traffic is not controlled and the system of signs, signals and markings are not used. This results in an increased amount of accidents I see on the road.


On the road there is no stop signs. Nobody follows the rules; cars just keep going.  If person crosses the road so many accidents happen because om the road there are no traffic lights. If you see a stop sign you must stop to go in the direction in the arrow. When we see the red light or red sign it means full stop. Stoplights and stop signs are crucial because they help regulate the flow of traffic and prevent a lot of accidents from happening at dangerous intersections. They can also help cars to slow down when their speed is too high. Without stoplights and stop signs, the amount of accidents would be much higher.


The speed limit on the road traffic near schools is 15. On highways  your limit is 60 0r 65. Sometimes when you drive  on the highway or local road, the biggest problem  is not controlling the speed limit; you can’t break then go to crash into other cars. Therefore, having speed limit signs helps avoid the problem of drivers going at unsafe speeds.


Most of us see the turning lane in the road, if there is no right lane or left lane it’s more difficult to turn in. On the road there are 4 intersections.  Road markings such as the turning lane help communicate to drivers what they need to do on the road to drive safely. Without clear markings, drivers will turn wherever and whenever they want which creates a higher chance for accidents. Road signs that also tell drivers when a street is one way or when to drive with more caution are also important. Without these indications, drivers would drive as they see fit which can make the road a dangerous place. Thus, the importance of road markings and signs cannot be underestimated.


It’s obvious that human beings lose control of themself once they are on the roads, especially highways. That’s why traffic controls are really important. It guides people to drive carefully without any troubles getting to their destination. It is estimated  that most car accidents usually happen on  roads  where there’s no traffic controls.