War on Drugs


Mariely Paulino

We see it daily on the streets people who are  drugged out. Drugs are the main cause of crime in my opinion, it also affects people in their health, mind and even in the physical.

I have seen many cases of violence and murders caused by people under the influence of drugs. This is the president of Mexico and his opinion. “Of crimes, of murders, in general, they are drugged people, that is proven .”

It was a “moment of madness caused by drugs,” said architect the actor Rafael Uribe as he confessed the crimes he committed against  the Colombian girl Yuliana Samboní before the judge and awaits sentence. That the little girl, only seven years old, was raped twice, in the car and in his apartment, after the drugs (cocaine) left the man explains that he reacts to what he has done. “I had a feeling that my brothers are coming, and that’s when I pick up Yuliana’s body and hide it, take her clothes and hide them in the cistern, then I don’t remember very well, I just know that I go out to the balcony ”,“ Then I don’t know exactly what It happened, I go out to the balcony of the auxiliary room of the apartment … I was thinking of jumping off the balcony, ” he added.


I believe that a possible solution to avoid these cases would be to have more security. In most policed neighborhoods, and these are the ones that are most infected by drugs. Children need to be taught that drugs are very bad, and how to help and identify addicted people.

If some policemen were in the neighborhood where the girl was kidnapped by the drug addict, that catastrophe would not have happened since they would have been arrested.


Another solution would be that addicted people receiving more help than rehabilitation were less expensive, so they would not have the excuse that they do not rehabilitate because going to rehabilitation is expensive, because many addicts want to recover but cannot since they do not have the money to pay, the government should pay.


This issue is important because not only drug addicts are affected, ALL of us who are around them are affected in one way or another, either by the smoke that marijuana releases or any damage that a person can do under the influence of drugs, many people die of overdose and many people have been victims of drug addiction. So we must put a grain of sand and help people who want to get out of addictions report those places where we suspect or know that they distribute drugs and thus we will see the change.