Discrimination in Public Places


Jose Herrera

In public places in New York, many times several people are discriminated against by others because some people think that they do not belong to this country because of their language or skin color, many times in train stations or in the interior. The train screams with hatred because there are people who are really crazy and do not think before saying something.


Last Friday when I left work and when I got to the train station I had to see how a man was yelling at all the people who were waiting for the train. He was angry at all the people and many of the people did not say anything and just ignored him. He was screaming about why people did not speak English if they were in a country where the language is English. That was very bad because there was no police to stop him and we are in a country where people are free and no matter where people come from. The people were feeling  desperate that they are being discriminated against.


Another reason that New York City needs so that discrimination decreases is to have more security in public places because in recent years during the quarantine many people were attacked by racism and hatred, because the police sometimes did not act very quickly to stop these problems. Several people were beaten in train stations or thrown on the train tracks. This really is a crazy thing that was happening in New York City. Several people said, “We need more security in public places,” because our lives are at risk. We are not safe because at any moment a person can come out and attack you, discrimination and racism against people was increasing a lot for that reason. Many people began to protest especially the discrimination of these public places.

New Yorkers should do something to be safer in public places such as train stations, parks, on the streets etc … New York is one of the cities that is most attacked by discrimination, regularly sometimes in public places tit is more difficult for people if they want to go for a walk or go on the train because many people are discriminated against when wearing clothes that represent their country or culture, when speaking in another language. Many people do not like to speak in another language because for them the language of this country is English and that is what they have to speak. This really cannot be happening because many people are afraid of everything that happens every day in these public places, so we have to do something so that this decreases and we have the safest places without discrimination.


Finally, New Yorkers should take new ways to stop this problem because many people do not agree with what is happening day after day in this city.  People who see someone discriminating have to call the police office and report this problem or to help the person who is suffering from this problem. This is really very important because that way we help each other and help reduce discrimination.