Jennifer Pasochoa

Too many robberies happen daily and in some cases the thieves even murder their victims. On May 7, a robbery was reported on Pacific Street and Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn where they threatened to injure the victim, a 27-year-old man. The thief took his iPhone.  Another violent assault occurred near Kosciuszko Station, Brooklyn on a Manhattan-bound J train, the suspect repeatedly hitting the victim on the head before placing him in a chokehold, rendering the man unconscious.


In this year 2021, there has been a reported boom in robberies and random attacks in subway stations and wagons in New York.


On occasions thefts could cause more violence. With so many robberies and attacks it is even scary to go for a walk. Most robberies are committed by one or more assailants attacking people who go alone.


According to the latest NYPD data, during the past few months, robberies increased 40% in the New York subway relative to other crimes during this same time frame. Most robberies contain beatings, stab wounds and can even end in tragic murders, and the victims who survived may suffer trauma.


Thieves have no scruples when it comes to committing theft. A 51-year-old delivery man identified as Saia Miah of Brooklyn was stabbed in the face and stabbed in the torso. The victim was in Sara D. Roosevelt Park on the Lower East Side when the assault occurred.


The increase in robberies only shows that the government and the police do not care about the safety of citizens, they are not taking action on the matter or looking for solutions to stop robberies. Even with too much evidence against the suspects, most of them are still at large and continue to steal.


According to the article of SEMANA, ”In Colombia, Throughout 2016, the Police captured 207,728 offenders in flagrante delicto throughout the country, that is, when they were committing a crime. And it arrested another 37,800 on account of investigations and court orders, for a total of 245,528. However, the judges only sent fewer than 10,000 to jail and another 3,000 were granted house arrest. In other words, less than 20 percent of those captured ended up in jail. Everyone else went free.”


The government did not take action on the matter to solve this huge problem of insecurity.

We all want to live in a safe city, we also want to go out without fear of being robbed or even killed, right? So we should ask the government for more security, surveillance cameras, police patrols and that thieves have a maximum penalty of 3 to 4 years in jail and for those thieves who also committed murder should be given a life sentence in jail.

How would we do that? By making strikes, petitions in the newspapers and newscasts.