Racial Discrimination


Ivette Minier Vicioso

Have you or someone close to you gone through racial  discrimination profiling?  Many racial and ethnic groups in the United States, including blacks, Hispanics, Asians, American Indians, and others, have historically faced severe discrimination.


Racial discrimination is any discrimination against individuals on the basis of their skin color, or racial or ethnic origin. Individuals can discriminate by refusing to do business with, socialize with, or share resources with people of a certain group. We can see racial discrimination in jobs, trains, and streets.

People could have training sessions, workshops, and classes in order to help others understand more about different cultures and ethnicities. The more one is exposed to varying nationalities the more likely they will understand that different people are just like them. Anyone who continues to discriminate should be called out before it gets worse.


Today racism is a discrimination that an abundant amount of people have to deal  from different countries. In the United States we can see how the people on the trains insult others because they don’t know their language.   In Starbucks there are workers who treat clients badly. They say offensive words because of their way of speaking English, and their nationality.


We also see the discrimination with police. The police brutality, excessive and unwarranted use of force by law enforcement. In 2020, George Perry Floyd Jr. was an African-American man who was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest after a store clerk suspected Floyd may have used a counterfeit $20 bill.

Racism happens most frequently in  neighborhoods, shops, and in the workplace. It also happens on public transport, at sporting events or at schools.

Many immigrants suffer many offenses when they speak their native language in public places, those who know English or they are native to the United States look at them strangely, they even tell them that they are in the United States and that language or other language  is English, not Spanish or any other languages.

Racism is also a particular problem online. Whether it is offensive comments on social media, or hateful videos shared online.


This issue is very important because many people around the world   due do to  a lot of discrimination. They can fall into depression and  feel so frustrated. and they do not want to go out on the street with fear of being discriminated against.

We all should express our strongest solidarity with Black Lives Matter and other social justice movements working to end systemic racism in American society and institutions. Many people who lost their lives to systemic racism and police brutality have brought together people from across the country to advocate for change. We must march so that our voice is heard and we can end racial discrimination, we need to remember that we are all equal and we all have the same rights.