Violence in the streets in New York City


Brandon Cayetano

In New York City the residents are afraid because there are bad people in the streets that for no reason hit, scar or even murder passersby.


New York City is total chaos because in the streets are many people with bad intentions and can be adults or young guys that without any reason push on, hit, scare or kill those innocent people that just are on their way to work or coming back from work to home, coming from any store or in the subway.


Now it is hard to walk in the streets or take the train because no one knows if something is going to happen. Sometimes people as young, adults or the elderly can be murdered by the gangsters who are walking around the city.

Many people are asking for more security on the streets because some of them are afraid to go out. There are bad guys that are all around the city and are scaring those innocent people who just want to go to work or do something in peace without fear.

I sometimes see the news and see some videos about accidents that bad people do to innocent people such as pushing others onto train rails, hitting random people on purpose or even killing innocent people.



In New York City, there are too many types of violence like rape, kidnapping, streets fights, shooting and shoving to the trains rails or somewhere else. That’s the reason why many people are scared to go out alone or even with someone on the streets because there is someone with bad intentions and does violent acts for no apparent reason.  So the New York City community should be asking for more security on the streets to feel safer day or night.


According to New York Police Department, for the month of October 2021, the number of murders and shooting incidents continued to decline in New York City compared to last year. Murder decreased by 9.8% (37 v. 41) while shooting incidents decreased by 4.4% (129 v. 135).

There were 382 gun arrests for the month of October 2021, bringing the total number of gun arrests in 2021 to 3,808 – a 13.9% increase compared to 3,343 gun arrests year-to-date in 2020. Overall index crime in New York City increased by 11.2% in October 2021, compared with October 2020 (10,118 v. 9,095). The reduction in shootings and homicides during October 2021 continues a trend that has been carrying over from the summer of 2021, and coincides with the NYPD’s ongoing work to build multiple long-term cases with its law enforcement partners with a focus on the drivers of violence. This is the precision-policing philosophy at work. Central to the NYPD’s comprehensive public safety strategy is the curtailing of gun violence. This includes making gun arrests, and working with our criminal justice partners to address local concerns such as the interdiction of so-called ghost guns – whose proliferation presents a host of investigative challenges to law enforcement.


The security in New York City is not good at all so one possible solution is that the Mayor of New York City should bring to the community security as policemen all around the city. In that way people can feel safer  but of course the violence in New York City is not going to stop at all but this can help our community feel  safer than before. And this can make it difficult for wrongdoers to do  bad things to innocent people that just want to do their things in peace.


In certain American communities, public trust in law enforcement, a critical ingredient in public safety, is tenuous at best. Residents of these high crime, heavily disadvantaged communities witness and experience intensive police presence, high rates of incarceration and community supervision, and concentrated violence and question the intent, effectiveness, and equity of the criminal justice system. Indeed, police may carry out aggressive strategies that target quality of life infractions and drug, gun, and gang related violence in ways that undermine public confidence. Perhaps not surprisingly, areas with high levels of mistrust tend to be those that are heavily policed, where police use tactics such as pretextual stops that damage their relationship with the people they are charged to protect. The results can be far reaching. a distrust of the criminal justice system, an unwillingness to cooperate with the police and a cynical view of the law that can perpetuate crime and victimization.

The people most likely to experience high rates of violence and heavy police presence in their communities have limited resources, social capital, and political voice. Yet their voices, when amplified, can be a powerful tool that communities can leverage to hold law enforcement accountable.)


Including more security in the street is what people are asking to feel safe because every moment in the streets can happen anything before you notice it.

Don’t be afraid to ask for more security for your community.


Let’s do something amazing for those people that are scare and don’t want to go in the streets.