Opportunities for Homeless people


Ndeye Lo

Why should we help homeless people? Yes or no?  If we don’t help them, who will? Let’s do the right thing by helping them in most needs.  Also  helping the homeless  could benefit the next generation, so no  one would be homeless anymore because they will  understand the meaning of someone  lifting someone else. This is the real community , working together can make the difference.

Homeless people need food to be healthy and strong and they also need to understand that being homeless is not a habit to make them restart their lives as normal citizens. The government can help to buy food and give it to centers in major cities to feed homeless people. The centers can prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the homeless people . If they do this every day , then homeless people have a chance to become healthy and strong . Also the government can give homeless people food directly, like Anglicare Mobile Community Pantry. This mobile van provides grocery or fresh food items at very low cost to help.  Other food organizations are Exodus Foundation Loaves N Fishes, Exodus Foundation Food Van, and Hare Krishna food for life.

The government should help homeless people apply for supplemental nutrition assistance and explore food assistance establishing a statewide restaurant.  However, some citizens criticize the governor because he shouldn’t help homeless people because that is a way of wasting money. However, government efforts to provide homeless people with food have been successful in the past and therefore, these programs should continue to provide assistance to those who need it.


Homeless people need clothes to be healthy and clean . The government can ask people, businesses and stores to give clothes to homeless people . They can have different centers open and give out clothes to homeless people. They can visit the stores from which you want to solicit clothing donations and talk directly to the manager. Many managers have authority to make donations .  The best items to donate to truly help the homeless are  underwear and socks. Surprisingly, these are some of the most in-demand items for people who use homeless shelters. Feminine hygiene products and laundry detergent for clean cloth as well as cold weather clothing are also good donations.As a result, the government should continue creating ways to help homeless people get clothes.


Homeless people also need a house to be healthy and be in a better life. The government  can work with homeless  shelters  to bring homeless people to them. They can hire people to go help homeless people find a shelter in their area.This would help many homeless  people. Homeless  shelters are a type of homeless service agency which provide temporary residence for homeless people, individuals and families and need more sustained support.  Federal housing programs are one of the most successful housing based solutions to reduce homelessness. The services these programs offer must continue to be administered in order to help these marginalized communities.


We need to help homeless people!! Should homeless people b e able to get help from the government? Yes!  The government should give them food, clothes and shelter. If we help them then they can live a healthy and strong life and share their experience about the disadvantages of being homeless. Also, the mental health of homeless people also improves when their basic needs are met. Their happiness in general is much higher when they do not have to worry about food, shelter, or clothes.

The homeless people make me feel inhuman because I do not want them on the dark streets. I want the government to act faster and focus on shelter, food, and clothes.