Sexual Harassment


Serigne Lo

In the past, I saw a video on the internet of a man who looked 22 years old harassing a woman who looked 20 years old in the train station.
In New York City there are many people who are sexually harassing others.  Sexual harassment is not good for our neighborhood.

Sexual harassment is bad for our community because it looks like the women don’t have their freedom, and sexual harassment is bullying.


One solution is, the government should make laws for sexual harassment. If somebody sexually harasses you, they should go to jail for the rest of their life or be killed. Other people would not do it if they see the severe consequences.  If the government does not make laws, these bad people can continue to do it.


Another solution is every building in NYC should be required to install cameras.  They should out cameras everywhere because when somebody sexually harasses someone and then no camera was there and then he go to the judge he can say is not, you don’t have any prove that he do it to you. Example the street and the store, restaurant, everywhere.  If they sexually harass people and there was not camera there maybe they can get away with it  because there is no prove. However,  if the camera was there you can have proof to take him to jail.


Some people sexually harass other because of mental illness , they have psychological problems. One solution, the government should take them to hospital, to make them feel better. The government should get some people’s looks who have mental illness in our neighborhood and take them to these hospitals.  The program could be that they take to make people with mental illness call their family and ask them what happened to them. This can make our neighborhood feel safer.


To write sexually harassment is important because many people in our neighborhood have difficult life because of it. Some people commit suicide because they don’t want to anybody do it again to them. Promoting awareness about sexual harassment is important in order to educate people about the issue. If people do not know about the issue, they will not know what red flags to look for when observing a situation that has potential for sexual harassment. A population that is more knowledgeable about the issue will be able to fight back more strongly against the problem.

The school should teach the child what sexually harassment do bad things for the world, the can learn everything, if the did not teach them , they will not know about that, and it can continue and nobody wants that!