Public Transportation


Gerson Leon

In New York City,  New Yorkers struggle with public transport, especially on the weekends. Have you been taking the train in the morning? and you’re in a rush, but you have to wait a long time for the train. The first train comes, here we go again, “ it’s full”, so you can’t get in,  you have to wait for the next one five to ten minutes more. Again, the next does not stop because it is out of service. I have been in this situation so many times in Brooklyn when I go to work everyday. I have to deal with this all the time, and it gets worse in the winter because it is cold outside and sometimes I want to be home early, but it is going to be impossible because of the lateness and lack of trains. This shouldn’t be an obstacle for your whole life, we need a solution right now!


New York needs to be modernized again, we need more support from our government by providing more public transportation in better condition. In our daily life as New Yorkers, most of us travel far to different places and we can’t travel the way we want because trains run late and there are not enough seats for everyone, also they are dirty all the time. It is so tiring when we have to wait for trains for so long and then we have to board two different trains which means the time is going to be double to arrive at our destination. Sometimes we are late for work or for school. However, some people argue that public transportation is a waste of money from the government and they also say that if we want to get on time wherever we want to go, we have to wake up earlier. This is not correct because no one wants to wait for the train an hour or so, which does not make sense, this is unbelievable. We are paying for it, we have to get the benefits.

Another reason that our president should invest in our public transportation is that almost 80% of the NY population use our inexpensive public transport. Here is an example from “The New York City Subway System: Over 4.3 million people ride the subway system every day; over 1 billion people go through the turnstiles per year!” This is a huge part of the society from NYC that retains their daily life using buses and trains. Many citizens are paying for taxis or Uber drivers to move from one place to another to be earlier to their destination because they do not want to deal with waiting for the public transport for so long anymore. This is causing them to lose lots of money per ride.  The majority of us are still using the trains even though trains are dirty all the time. There are 20% of New Yorkers who are against public transportation because they have different thinking. They said using bikes to go to work or to school can be better and helpful than public transport. This is wrong because riding a bike for an hour or so can cause damage to people’s bodies, making them tired. Our government should look at their supporters and help us by keeping and providing safe and enough trains for the society.


Finally, our leaders have to fight for our needs, keeping us safe and comfortable when we step on our public transports. Have you ever felt sad when you see garbage everywhere at the train station? I have, and I know you have too. We all have horrible experiences from boarding our public trains. Every day we see and use trains that sometimes makes us scared because the railroad is full of garbage that can cause the train to get into accidents. An accident is the biggest issue that society could face because the US is the top country with modern society and is unaware of this happening.  Some people say that garbage is caused by the same community. This is unfair because in some stations, there is not enough trash cans, so some people throw the garbage at the station, but not everyone does that. This is the reason that our government should spend a lot of money on our public transports giving more sanitation and cleaning, also this can help avoiding accidents from the garbage on the rails. This means if we have modern, cleaning, and better trains, it could save lives.


Should we let the government know about this? Yes, we should. We should assemble the President to provide more new trains and new ways to keep our public transportation clean and safe now!  We need trains every day because this is the most common transport in NYC, we need to adjust everything to get the benefit we need. Providing more trains, keeping less traffic and this could avoid lateness at work or school. We should come up as a strong community, and protest against the lack of trains!!