NYC streets Full of Trash


Ian Rodriguez

Have you ever seen too much garbage while you by walk the streets of  NYC? Whoever has been in New York City must have noticed that the city’s cleanliness is in a very bad state.

According to the page source,  “Each year New York’s residents, institutions, and businesses produce some eight million tons of municipal solid waste (excluding sewage sludge, dredge spoils, and construction and demolition debris). This amounts to about 26,000 tons per day, or enough to fill more than 2,500 garbage trucks.” This garbage is supposed to go to “the Fresh Kills landfill or to out-of-state dumps.” but instead a significant amount goes to streets and subway stations.


The negligence of the state keeping the streets clean is practically null, garbage is everywhere and there’s nothing happening to fix this problem, and it’s getting worse over time.

It is evident that the city’s not taking action on this situation, and the community needs a solution ASAP, because this isn’t only a matter of the “beauty or aesthetics of New York”, it’s also the reflection of the negligence from the state itself on the aintenance and supervision of every aspect in the city, the garbage being an example of that.


 The nonconformity from the people seeing this garbage all the time, gives a very bad image of the city, and its citizens not contributing to the solution of this “full of garbage city.” People that have a routine living in this city notice the garbage at the same spots without being cleaned, day by day, also seeing people throwing garbage anywhere they want without being warned or punished by the law. Citizens’ concern about the garbage is being present, the state needs to take action towards the demand in the maintenance of cleanliness before it leads to more and greater problems.


Contamination is also a side effect of this problem, that will lead to bigger issues if the government doesn’t take action against the accumulation of the trash in the city.Global warming is a very evident and specific example of the importance of keeping, not only the city, but the world cleanliness. The negative consequences in the environment where we live because of air pollution will affect almost everything related with the infrastructure development, such as the production of biodegradable products and regulation in the use of plastics or any non-eco friendly products, that will end up affecting small businesses.

About the people’s concern, this problem needs to be taken care of before it escalates to the point where the city will need to take drastic desperate actions in order to fix it. 


Another example of a problem that the garbage does is the flood in subway stations or interruption of water flow.Water flows from above the ground to the subway stations whenever there’s rain, and all the garbage in the train tracks does not allow the water to pass through the sewers, causing the stations to flood and delay train activity.

If the state doesn’t take action into the garbage problems in the city, very bad consequences will be present in our future.
This issue affects every single one of the people in New York City, and it won’t stop until we do something about it. The government does not seem to care about the trash, or the consequences that this could lead to. Maintenance of the cleanliness takes influence in all kinds of ways, like the city’s presentation that reflects people’s habits and functionality of it, or, leaving the aesthetical standards, the functionality of the city itself.

A community demand is needed in order to take control of the problem, and a possible solution that involves community actions might be necessary for a problem of this magnitude, supervision of the authorities, and a regulation plan to stop the garbage from ending up in the streets. So take the chance and let’s make a difference, before it’s too late.