Why Some Students Eat Outside


Faniel Gereziher

The first reason is that the food is not good. 



Mr. Paterson eats from outside because he said, “The outside restaurants have better food. They have much more variety than the school food.” He also added, “I would like to see the school do different themes for each day. Especially because it is an immigrant school. Possibly one day could be a Mexican food day, another a West African food day, or another a Chinese food day. It would be fun and original for the students.” 


Mahmadane eats from outside because he thinks the food from the cafeteria is not that good. He said that he “prefers to eat at the food trucks that are in the neighborhood. The school food should make good food and the chairs and the students don’t have to be close.” Therefore, Mahmadane not only does not like the food from the cafeteria but he does not even eat his meals there because of how close the students are.


Mariama Diallo agrees.  “I eat from outside because outside food is better than the food from the school. I would really like the  school to offer us better food like chicken and fries. The school should prepare better food for us. We deserve higher quality food that is better cooked.” 


The second most likely reason for eating outside is that the school food does not make the students full because the food is small.


The school only gives 8 ounces of milk. A normal bottle of water contains 16 ounces,  but they don’t even give you water. Our students are high school students, mostly teenagers who need at least 2 times the amount of food. 


Ahmed Aldailam said,  “The school food is small and it can’t make students  full. They should prepare more food for us.” 


The third reason some students eat from outside is because they want to get some air and eat freely. Some students don’t want to eat in front of the students.

Keba Toure said, “I eat outside because I want to  eat freely and get air, in front of the student because I don’t feel comfortable.”


In general, the majority of students who eat outside think the food is better and that there is more variety. They either do not like the school food to begin with or they get tired of eating it because there is not much variety.