What are the different Regents? Any advice for taking them?


Ndeye Lo

The students have a minimum of 5 regents to graduate in January or June in Liberty High school. Regents are exams for graduation from high school. Math, global history, science, and English are the topics of the exams. Students must pass these exams to graduate. 


The Regents is a NYC wide test and they are important because they touch upon different areas  of learning such as analyzing and evaluating reading. They are also designed to test the ability to use context clues to determine meaning of words.


English has many parts. Ms. Morel, the Power Reading teacher says, “The ELA regents require students to be exposed to various literary elements and readings. They are also tested on stating a claim and  being able to sustain their claim with evidence.”

There are three Math Regents Exams: Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2. To pass the Algebra Regents, you need to master topics such as solving linear and quadratic equations, solving inequalities, and graphing four types of functions.

Judd Harlan, math teacher says, “You need to study all of the skills in MES31, MES32, and MES33 in order to prepare for the Algebra Regents. There are many topics and skills that are necessary. Solving equations is only a beginning, and factoring quadratics is one of the important topics as well. Graphing and slope are also very important.” 


The math teachers  suggest you make going to class every day and always completing your homework a priority. Make sure and attend the Saturday Academy classes that will be offered in December and January, and also again in May and June. Taking these classes is worth the investment, as you will be better prepared for your math regents exam. Always read a question carefully and ask yourself “What does the question mean?” “What is the question asking?” “How can I solve this question?” Always write out your work…don’t take shortcuts and take your time when answering a question. On multiple choice questions, always eliminate wrong answers so you can choose from the answers that make the most sense.


Ms. Sepulveda, a history teacher says, “Regents exams are important because they are a graduation requirement. You must pass your Regents exams in order to fulfill the requirements to earn your HS diploma. You need to have reading and writing skills in order to pass the history regents. You also need to know the historical content. 

Sepulveda’s advice would be to pay close attention in class, participate, ask a lot of questions and go to school everyday.


 “The science regents have a lot of questions.  There are multiple choice questions and constructed responses which are writing questions that aim to measure the minimum level of knowledge of a given science course in a given state.  Mr. Martinez, the science teacher says,, “Students need to be able to correctly interpret information in the form of formulas, diagrams, tests and mathematical equations and mathematical functions.”

Mr Martinez has advice: do plenty of exercises, do plenty of practice questions on any given topic, review what you have learned as you move through the course, review your notes, important concepts and diagrams.