Environmental Pollution is Very Visibly Affecting Everyone Today – A Photo story


Mariely Paulino

1- Environmental pollution is so out of control that some rivers are not viable. That is, people cannot bathe for fear of contracting a disease or bacteria and fear of getting hurt by garbage. The animals also die. 

2- In Honduras there is a river called Rio de Los Desechos, how is it possible that something like this exists? It is insane and inhumane so many people drink water from the rivers, wash, and bathe with their water.

Rio de Los Desechos 


3- From August 8 to 22, 2019 the Amazon was on fire, many animals died and we lost a large part of its trees with the fire. Everyone said that global warming caused it but environment pollution causes global warming. If we stop throwing garbage in the streets, rivers and other places, by recycling and collecting garbage we can collaborate and avoid pollution and thus avoid global warming.

Amazon on fire


4-The city Cairo of Egypt is considered the most polluted city in the world. Light and noise pollution rates are not comparatively better, but their effects are probably less harmful to health.  This is based on data from the Egyptian government itself.

The City Cairo


5- Chernobyl,Ukraine. The worst catastrophe of industrialization occurred on April 26, 1986, with the radioactive explosions at the nuclear power plant. The air contains uranium, plutonium, and other metals, as well as radioactive particles since the nuclear catastrophe.


A few weeks after the explosion, radioactive dust particles began to be detected in Sweden, 1100 km from Chernobyl. In 2006, 20 years after the accident, an average increase of 40% of solid tumors was observed in Belarus, with increases most prominent in the most polluted regions. An increase in cancer, leukemias, intestinal diseases, endocrine system diseases, suicides and violent deaths among the inhabitants have been detected in the region and it is well known that radiation can damage genes and chromosomes (the relationship between genetic changes and the development of future disease is complex, and the relevance of such damage to future risk is often unclear).


Chernobyl Consequences


6Some people may think that pollution in China is very far from us, but the truth is that any kind of pollution anywhere ends up affecting a large part of the planet.


The reason is that the polluting particles always remain in the air and are transported to other places by wind and storms. Thus, food becomes contaminated, and also the water of the oceans. It is even believed, according to research by Texas A&M University, that China’s pollution may be altering storms in the Pacific, making them more intense and changing their trajectory, influencing the planet’s climate.

Pollution in China 


Air pollution is considered the greatest threat to health today, causing 7 million deaths each year. This phenomenon, unthinkable centuries ago, causes and aggravates a series of diseases, ranging from asthma to cancer, lung diseases and heart disease.

Outdoor air pollution and the particles it contains have been classified as carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), pollution is the largest contributor to the environmental burden of disease.The impact of air pollution on human health is of increasing concern, as research unravels more links between a number of serious diseases in various age groups and the phenomenon of deteriorating air quality (for example, diabetes, neurodevelopment, preterm labor, low birth weight, etc.)