What Stresses Our Student Body?


Serigne Lo

In Liberty High School there are many students who feel stressed when they come to school until they leave school.

Sometimes when students feel stressed, they don’t talk to somebody and they do not focus on their classes. They don’t pass their classes.


The biggest stress students face is too much homework. A student, Saliou Lo says, “Liberty High School they give us too much homework, an example is Ms. Taiae.  We don’t even have much time to do the classwork. If you don’t finish the classwork, you should do that at home AND homework and I should go to work. After school, I work 6 hour after I go home. I have to take a shower and eat before I finish.12:00 is it, I should go to sleep early. We don’t want any more homework.” 

Another student named Khadim Diop says the same thing, “We should go to work, AND do our homework everyday. If we don’t got that time we not gonna finish our homework that’s why sometimes when we come to school we get stressed because we always think about that we not do our homework and we think about it too much”


Another stress is making money to support their family, because there are too many people in Liberty High School who are making money and supporting their families. A student named Mame Samb says “Supporting my family and making money is so hard for me because my mother and my sisters are in Senegal. I should give them money every four weeks. That makes me so stressed. Sometimes when I’m not sending them money they’re gonna call me many times during the day to send them the money.  Sometimes I feel tired when I’m not sending them money, the money I send is to pay them rent and the school, but in NY my two brothers and my sister they pay the rent they do everything here, I’m doing many things in Senegal.”

Another stress is students don’t understand what the teacher is talking about. A student named Saliou Ndiaye says, “ Sometimes I don’t come to school for a few days.  When I come back I don’t understand what they are talking about, that makes me feel bad. That can make me feel stressed. When I feel stressed at that time I just stay relaxed and get mad. The teacher says Saliou should focus on your class or I’m gonna call your house.”  Students feel lost and fearful when they don’t understand. They feel tension in their bodies. Gerson Leon,  a student says,  “I feel like my mind is  exploding when I try to understand and I can’t.”