COVID Vaccine: Yes or No?


Faniel Gereziher

A big debate in Liberty High School students right now is whether to be vaccinated or not.  Many students have different reasons for why they got the vaccine and why they don’t want to get the vaccine. 

Students from a variety of cultures talked about reasons It is  important to know because there are a lot of factors that could affect their decision. 


For some who are curious about whether the vaccine is prohibited from some cultures, one student, Ahmed AlDailam said “There’s nothing connected with cultures and religion.  The students don’t want to take a vaccine.”  


Some students are pro-vaccine. Sudipta Saha took a vaccine because he felt it protects him from the coronavirus. Also if he had any symptoms of COVID-19 he will not spread to others. Karsang Sherpa feels the same way.  He said,  “I Have taken a vaccine because it has a positive effect on coronavirus. It’s good for your health.”   


Mr Patterson the one took the vaccine because he wants to keep himself and his family  from coronavirus. He believes taking the vaccine gives you a lesser chance of getting sick. He stated, “I believe not taking the vaccine is actually a bit selfish even if it is unintentional. By not taking it, you are choosing yourself and your own comfort over people you come into contact with.”


There are two main reasons why students do not want to take vaccines. Some students do not feel comfortable because they are not sure about the effects it can have on their body. The other group do want to take the virus but they have not been able to schedule an appointment due to being busy. One example is Wilmer Guangatal. He said “I’m not vaccinated but I would like to take the vaccine. The  reason why I didn’t take the vaccine is because I don’t have time.”


The main reason that people who took the vaccine wanted to take it is because they want to think about the other people around them in their daily life. Even if they felt uncomfortable, they felt the right thing to do for the good of everybody else was to get vaccinated.