Pandemic in Our School Too


Serigne Lo

Returning to school  and how the students and people in the school are still living in a more normal way are big questions to the situation of the pandemic. It affects  how students and teachers feel about taking the risk of exposing themselves in order to have an optimal education and the ways to minimize Covid cases by following rules against the virus.


All teachers have to be vaccinated.  We have an English teacher,  Ms. Zhou who got the vaccine early on. She said, “I want to hang out with people and I want to spend time with my parents because they are very old. I want to go outside, to see movies and eat in restaurants again.” 


M. Lo, a student at Liberty High School said, “ I took the vaccine because I don’t want to get the Covid 19 and then I want to have persimmon to go anywhere I want and I want to take care of my family” 


Some people who didn’t take the vaccine were scared to lose their life. A student  at Liberty High School, B. Ndiaye said, “If I take the vaccine and then I have a Covid-19, what do they gonna do for me? If I take the vaccine and I die ,I lose my life, so what reason do I have to take the vaccine?” 


Other people who didn’t take the vaccine felt the same as him.  “I know some people who didn’t take the vaccine.” said M. Ndiaye, one example of someone from Liberty High School who didn’t take the vaccine. He said, ‘’We don’t trust the vaccine. We see many people who take the vaccine and he/she dies of the covid-19.”


All students and teachers in Liberty High School must wear a mask but don’t like it. Ms. Zhou said, “To be honest, I am very uncomfortable. I don’t like it because I feel like I can’t breathe but I don’t have a choice. Everybody has to do it because some students are not vaccinated.  We have to protect each other. Hopefully soon, things will go back to the way things were before Covid.”