Effects of the Schedule Changes on Students with Jobs


School started officially on September 13, 2021 for all New York City high school students. After 2 weeks of classes at Liberty High School when the students came back to school on Monday, many found that the schedule of classes for many of them had changed. Normally students start classes at 8:00 a.m., but now with a change in schedule they enter later at 8:49 a.m. They have free periods and fewer classes. Also, some people have evening classes. Many students were in their classrooms without knowing that their previous dismissal time of 2:20 pm was going to be changed and they were going to leave at 3:45. These were their opinions.


 A student named Melany Jacome is one example of someone from school who works and studies. She said, ”This change affects many students because  with students getting less sleep, which negatively affects student academic performance. She said, ”I feel a little stressed and tired. ​​I had to change the schedule to get to work later as I leave school at 2:45 and come home at 3:20, so I only have time to eat and change to go to work at once.”


Many students say they sleep less and do not have time for themselves. Another student Brailyn Nolasco who was also affected said, “By leaving school later I work less and earn less money and I feel stressed because I don’t have the time to do my homework.”   He thinks the change is to limit the grouping of students and thus not get easily sick from Covid-19. Despite everything he liked the change, because despite all, the change in schedules is to protect us from not being grouped together.


Another student said that change affects the students who work. Brandy Davis said,“I don’t have enough time to  myself. I feel so tired and stressed  because when I have homework I have to sleep later, since I work  and I cannot do it early.” But she thinks the change was for good reasons.


While some think that the change is due to protection from Covid-19, others say that students can advance faster since due to Covid-19 they had a year taking online classes and now need to catch up.

Yanet Cruz, a student, was affected after she found a job.  “At first I thought that the change would not affect me but when I returned to school I was not working but now I have a job so when the school finishes I directly go to work, I do not have time to get home early so I have to do my homework very late when I come back from my work’’


Brandon Cayetano is a student who was not really affected by the changes. He said “ I usually was leaving at 3:45 so when they removed me from one class the change did not affect me”. 


These were some students from liberty high school who were interviewed. We can see that not all of them were affected but many were.