Cruise Party for Seniors Present and Past


Brandon Cayetano

On Friday Oct 22, 2021 seniors  of 2020-21 and 2021-22 from Liberty High School were invited to celebrate on a cruise that was supposed to be celebrated years ago, but because of the Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19) the party for the seniors could not be done, but in this year the party was organized and celebrated.


“I loved it. Although, I thought the students were too quiet.” said Ms. Zhou, an English teacher of Liberty High school. “I think the atmosphere on the boat was so beautiful.”


According to Mr. Patterson ( of Catholic Charities) it was a little hard to organize the party but the most difficult thing was to remind the students to bring the necessary documents to board the boat. “I think reminding the students to get to the boat on time and bring all of the necessary materials like the ID and the vaccine proof was stressful. Also, setting up the photo backdrop (which we ironically never used) was also a bit stressful. The preparation in general for the week and when we got to the boat was a little hectic.”


In the beginning students were supposed to arrive before 6:30pm to register and board the boat on time, but most of them came late so the cruise started at 7:15pm. Around more than 70 seniors  and teachers joined the cruise party and the students were talking to each other. Some students and teachers have the opportunity to catch up with the students that they haven’t seen in a while.


“I was very excited and I had lots of fun with my friends.” said Sudipta Saha Student of Liberty High School. All seniors were enjoying the party because some of them saw each other again after a long time and also teachers were happy to see the students again.


“I had a great time. It was busy for me since I was the host, but I was really happy to see all of the students and alumni having a good time…it made it worth it for me.” said Mr. Judd, teacher of Liberty High School.


In general the party was really fun. All the students and teachers enjoyed there was fun music, the students were talking to each other after a long time and the speech was great by the teachers and former students.


“It was fun because I saw many friends who I hadn’t seen in a long time ago and everybody was happy.” said Serigne Lo student of Liberty High School. 


For all the seniors from Liberty High School this party was great because this party was organized by teachers and catholic charities with love for us the seniors because we deserved it, this is our party and our last year in this beautiful school.