Why Do Students Have Issues With Regents Exams?

Why Do Students Have Issues With Regents Exams?

Regents are tests in January or June. In Liberty High School we have a minimum of 5 Regents to graduate so our counselors or teachers tell the students that from the beginning of class we have to take notes to prepare everything they gave us during that period so that we can prepare. 


Many do not pass the regents with a good grade. Why don’t the students pass this exam?


The teachers have some ideas of why. Mr. Kassim, an English teacher says, “It depends on the time that they dedicate to study to take the Regents. Some students make it difficult when it comes to regents because they get nervous and forget everything.”


Some students did not pass the regents in the past. One of them, Alhasan Almulaiki says, “The tests are not easy as you see in practice and they have some things on the Regents that are not on paper we were given to study.” Many students are struggling with the Regents. 


Some students are nervous. Rouguiatou Diallo says, “I’m not ready because I have a lot of work to do in my earth science class.’’ Another student is also nervous. Fatou Kane says, “I feel so stressed because I haven’t taken any Regents since last year.’’


Some students are excited. Like Seynabou Diallo, who says, says,  “I feel very excited because two years we didn’t do exams, now we are back in school so we can really show our knowledge and I can’t wait for it!’’