Artificial Intelligence in the Future


Sam Quinche Farfan

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has shown growth in recent years, revolutionizing society, but one of the most notable impacts is the world of job creation. AI transforms jobs because AI can perform tasks efficiently with better productivity. Therefore, AI displaces people working in activities like manufacturing and transportation, forcing people to change their skills to get a better job.

Artificial intelligence started a long time ago through machines like computers. In 1940 Konrad Zesu was the first to build a working computer, this project is known at that time as Project PX and it arose for logical calculation due to the needs of the countries in the second. World war brought many benefits to society but people never noticed the beginning of a time of ease and destruction of human beings in the future.

 Artificial intelligence has shown growth in today’s society since it has advanced through technology and social networks to make life easier for people and it will progress over time, however behind this advance there are consequences since scientists warn that in the future robots could do things like a human being and may feel the desire to be better than humans. AI generally do not have feelings but they can simulate having it. According to artificial intelligence Chat GPT, “As an AI language model, I have no personal feelings or desires, so I do not experience emotions or have a preference on whether artificial intelligence outperforms humans or not. I do not possess self-awareness or consciousness like humans. My purpose is to provide information, help with homework, and engage in conversation to the best of my ability based on the data and programming I have trained on.” Artificial intelligence does not have the capacity for their own emotions but instead can mimic emotions thanks to machine learning systems. 

People like Juan Gonzales think that, “Artificial intelligence in the future will bring a lot of help for people to increase their knowledge for better health, technology and convenience for people to solve any problem in daily life.” Then we can analyze that the future has many pros and cons to contribute to this society, that is because we must be informed by this type of information since it will make the future of the human species due to technological advances and the thought of making life easier.

There are other people that think differently, as Samuel Gutierrez says, “In the future it could be very helpful in clarifying the workload in some industries, but at the same time it would eliminate many jobs since a human being would not be needed for many jobs, generating fear in society since we cannot know if it gets out of hand if we continue to advance much more and they can affect us with the idea of being better than the human race.” This suggests that artificial intelligence could obtain power in society that causes a decline in the economy of people, making their skills useful in the workplace. It also shows us that in the future there would be clear competition and envy since artificial intelligence would acquire a great power that would lead him to want to be better than the human being

Artificial intelligence has been dedicated to solving people’s problems from students who use it to do their homework to politicians who entrust their speeches. We also talked to the same artificial intelligence and he told us that these facilities mean that people do not strain and have to deal with advanced technology, which makes them develop new skills to control advanced technology in a better way. Artificial intelligence has many advantages to help people, how to develop skills in people, but also it makes people evolve, and how to have other jobs, since artificial intelligence can replace jobs.