Corrupt government in Dominican Republic


Jorge Santana

In the Dominican Republic, the President of the Dominican Alliance Against Corruption (ADOCCO), Julio César De la Rosa stated that corruption in the Dominican Republic has a significant negative impact on society and there have been a several high profile corruption cases in recent years involving extortion, bribery, document forgery, and fraud, some of which have resulted in terrible suicides and murders one of which was the Odebrecht Case, where announcer and the director of the Dominican station 103.5 FM in San Pedro de Macorís were assassinated while reading the live news about the Odebrecht corruption case in the Dominican Republic.

In the Dominican Republic there is a great lack of education within the country and many negative things to fix, such as poverty, loss of jobs, low wages, among others. A Catholic Charities counselor of Dominican descent, Jesenia Polanco, says “ Corruption has something to do with this and that is why corruption can have bad impacts, since it undermines trust in institutions and greatly promotes inequality and  economic development and impoverishes the country.“ One of her colleagues who agrees with her is a catholic charities counselor also of Dominican descent, Ana Reyes says, “Corruption can have several or many negative effects, it can also discourage foreign investment and make foreign institutions not interested in the Dominican Republic.”

Through corruption, politicians or people with influence can obtain economic benefits and other types of personal advantages such as wanting to become rich or millionaires, and have more social status, popularity.

In the Dominican Republic, there have been significant cases of corruption that have had a negative impact on the country. One of the emblematic cases is the Odebrecht scandal, where it was discovered that the Brazilian company bribed government officials to obtain public works contracts. Another relevant case is that of Félix Bautista, a politician and senator accused of illicit enrichment and embezzlement of public funds. In addition, “Operation Coral” revealed a network of corruption in the National Police. These cases have generated a political and judicial crisis, evidencing the need to strengthen the rule of law, improve transparency, and promote accountability in the country.

Dominican society has not been able to prosper like other high-income countries because it has grown in a corrupt environment that has serious consequences, such as the loss of confidence of foreigners

Corruption greatly affects the wages of workers, since it can divert resources destined to pay wages towards corrupt activities instead of being used to pay workers who earn their money based on hard work. .

To add, the Assistant Principalof Liberty High School of Dominican descent Mr. Segura said, “People lose faith in institutions and their leaders and that trust is very difficult to regain”.

Finally corruption can also hamper economic growth and job creation, which can have a negative impact on workers’ wages.