Argentine Rugby Players Beat a Young Man to Death in Argentina


Flowers and posters in front of the courts of Dolores, to ask for justice for the crime of Fernando Baez Sosa. Photo by: Maxi Failla

Valentina Marquez

Fernando Baez Sosa was 18 years old when he was murdered in Argentina outside a nightclub in Buenos Aires. On January 18 of 2020 Fernando and his friends were on vacation when the crime happened. Fernando and his friends were inside at the moment that a group of 8 persons, most of them rugby players, started a discussion with one of Fernando’s friends, He tried to prevent a fight pulling them apart while the other group yelled a lot of racist comments at him, and once the nightclub security men kicked both groups out, the rugby players took advantage of the fact that Fernando was alone to give him a beating that caused his death. 


]Alcohol plays a huge role in this unfortunate incident due to it happened in a nightclub. A student from Liberty High School named Jefferson Pasochoa is worried about the deaths of many young people caused by consuming drugs and alcohol. He said, “Alcohol should not be so easily distributed to teenagers, and those who sell alcohol to young people should be punished, because alcohol brings out the most aggressive part of them.” In many countries it is legal to consume alcohol for people above 18 years old, that means they are under the hard effects of alcohol that makes them go into a state of intoxication and out of control from a very early age. 


 Drug use can also be an important trigger for a fight because consuming drugs makes a person feel euphoria and increased energy, making a small thing turn into something big. A student of Liberty High School named Samuel Quinche said, “Alcohol and drugs can create a misunderstanding for a girl or whatever ending with a disaster like these boys killing Fernando Baez.” Being under these effects can create confusion to someone and make them start to think things that didn’t happen at all ending in a problem based on misunderstanding.


 The night of the disaster, after the rugby players left the boy lying on the floor, they left celebrating and screaming their victory between them. From the analysis of the security cameras, the investigators reached the group of suspects and they found them in a rented house near the crime scene. During the search, bloody clothes were found and fight marks on his hands due to the fight. The arrested rugby players were identify like Máximo Thomsen, Luciano Pertossi, Lucas Pertossi, Enzo Comelli, Ciro Pertossi, Blas Sinalli, Matías Benicelli and Ayrton Viollaz.


 Fernando’s autopsy said that he had succumbed to neurogenic shock leading to internal bleeding from the multiple hits. He died on the spot and arrived lifeless at the hospital. The police found on the suspects phones videos of the aggression and have sufficient evidence to imprison them until the sentence. During 3 years they were at the Dolores penitentiary waiting for their sentence that took place on February 3 of 2023. 


The final verdict was announced on February 6 of 2023 saying that all 8 rugby players were declared guilty of homicide, doubly-aggravated by premeditation and ambush. Maximo Thomsen, Ciro Pertossi, Matias Benicelli, and Enzo Comelli were declared co-perpetrators and they were sentenced to life imprisonment. Lucas Pertossi, Blas Cinalli and Ayrton Viollaz were declared secondary participants and sentenced to 15 years in prison. At the moment, they are currently in Melchor Romero prison while their families are betting on them being transferred to the Campana Penitentiary Complex.