Drugs Consumption in Young People


Nohemi Pichazaca

Nowadays in society we can see many young people in the streets acting strange, like talking alone, laughing for no reason, in despair, attacking people and this is scary. This is because they consume drugs sometimes not knowing the consequences and sometimes just to try something new and  can ultimately lead to death. This can affect their health, family, work, school among other things and we can help and try to make it clear that there is a solution.


I strongly believe that young people should not consume drugs because this can damage their health. Young people are using more drugs and current levels of use in many countries are higher than before. I think that people who use drugs are exposed to contracting or transmitting infections that affect them. For example, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and hepatitis. There are also many ways in which young people use drugs orally, smoked, or inhaled, snorted, or injected. One in particular is injected. According to United Nations Against Drugs and Crime (UNODC) “Inject drug use contributed to nearly 20% of reported HIV cases in men—more than 150,000 patients. Among women, 21% of HIV cases (approximately 50,000) were attributed to injection drug use.” This shows that  to being at risk of contracting HIV and viral hepatitis, there may be many more people who inject and it can not only occur due to drug injection but there are many more ways to consume but we see that just by injecting It causes a lot of damage and the different forms that there are must be even more.

Some young people have their own opinion and they can say that drugs are good because consuming drugs makes them feel better, with more energy, relaxed, stronger, and forget about problems. We should fight these diseases and avoid these diseases with the use of  detox, behavioral orientation, medication, evaluation and treatment of co-occurring mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety.


Another reason that young people should not consume drugs is because it doesn’t just harm the person who consumes. I think that it also harms those around them, many other people suffer its consequences, for example in society, family, work, can affect learning in schools and also it can be a bad influence for the children. According to CCAdiccion “Drug use involves considerable damage to neuronal processes. And these are directly related to the decrease in learning abilities, arising from the academic performance of young people.” This affects a lot since the performance and interest in studies is bad for young people because they will not have an academic training and in the future a profession. Also I believe that society also feels terrified that something bad will happen to them, since when they see how a person under the influence of drugs behaves.

But young people think that they don’t have support, love for their family and they find refuge in bad influences like drugs. We can help young people with therapy, recovery programs for addicts, giving them support, not least putting pressure on them, therapy, recovery programs for addicts, the most important is family support.


We see how the drugs affect and the consequences. The government should pay more attention and analyze this situation since today we see that drugs are already legal in certain countries and they do not realize that this is wrong.We can also help by handing out slips where you explain the consequences of drugs. We can try to talk and explain even better, encouraging them to get professional help.