Brayan Mercedes

Last week, a homeless man on the train had a bad situation. The homeless man was drugged and fell down the stairs. There are more than 190 million drug users worldwide and the problem has been increasing more and more and they are mostly young people under 25 years of age.  The government should help these people and get them off the streets.


The homeless population is that many are alcoholics or drug addicts. The truth is that a high percentage of homeless people struggle with substance abuse. The homeless need treatment and also counseling and support. According to https://www.currytbcenter.ucsf.edu/, 20% of homeless people’s drugs and alcohol are the cause of their homelessness.  There are many homeless people in New York City who are lost to drugs. I think the government should support and try to get them out of that bad life, first they have to take them to hospital to have them checked out, then give them a good diet. Drug addiction and homelessness are two overlapping problems. Therefore, The solution to the issue should be involved, with all the causes of substance use disorders and homelessness being taken into consideration. The negotiation of the homelessness and drug addiction rates is the primary responsibility of the government.

A man around my house called La Rabia is a man who is lost in vices, for example he smokes a lot. He smells drugs and many other things, then that person lost part of his family and did not have the support of many people. So he decided to join the bad life at the time he got lost to drugs.  He and his brother called  El Priky then they started robbing supermarkets, branches and cars. The solution for this person would be that they stop that bad life that they lead is to stop smoking, and to stop using drugs. Then to give them psychological treatment so that their mind is better and that they understand that drugs are not good for health and your mentality.


Poverty is one of the most important root causes of homelessness. According to NPR, 37 million people are in poverty.  Low wages and unemployment  contribute to poverty. According to datosmacro.com, there are 6 million people jobless out of 332,183,000. Not being able to pay for essential meals such as chicken, rice, bread, not being able to pay for housing, or education, greatly increases the risk of a person or family. According to the US bureau of Labor Statistics “Although the poor were primarily adults who had not participated in the labor force during the year and children, 6.3 million individuals were among the “working poor” in 2019, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS); this measure decreased from 7.0 million in 2018.” This figure shows that although there are people on the streets today, with the help that the government has given in recent years, the high number of people on the streets has decreased.


Homeless people need the government to help them with their health. The government should give homeless people a place to live, have counselors give them good advice and  give them a healthy diet.  Offer your time raise funds to give a coordinated approach to end homelessness, a whole community approach is needed to provide services, housing, meals, employment.