Infestation in New York


Ana Bermudez

Last week we heard on the news about the infestation on the train and on the streets of New York. That is something that worries people because nobody likes living among garbage and knowing that this affects society. The news said that the infestation in New York has been growing over the years and that they are fighting to fight it before it is too late, since it is also known that they fined the mayor for rat infestation in his house. Mayor Adams is contesting a $300 fine imposed on him by his own government for an infestation of rats at a Brooklyn property he owns.

In New York there are many rat infestations. If in the state of New York they came together to fight the infestations, everything would be better. Since this problem affects many residences even the mayor of New York. If the infestations continue like this, the fines may continue to increase and the most important problem with the pests would still not be resolved. In New York city the authorities must come together with the government to get the infestations out of the city, since it is a very big problem, since diseases come from that.

The government needs to implement more rodent-proof garbage cans. That would help a lot since rats seek more garbage to hide. Let’s not forget that rat infestations bring diseases. I believe that by implementing this the government would be helping New York City and its citizens.  According to Univision, “A rare and life-threatening infection transmitted by rats and other animals is keeping New York health authorities on their toes: leptospirosis. So far there are 15 confirmed cases so far this year and they have been scattered throughout the five districts of the city. Almost all had to be hospitalized and one died.” Leptospirosis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria that can cause life-threatening infections of the kidneys, liver, brain, lungs, or heart. Common symptoms of leptospirosis include the following: Fever, shaking, chills, headache, muscle, pains, vomiting, diarrhea,  and abdominal pain. Also, leptospirosis is a human and veterinary public health problem. The numerous strains of Leptospira can establish infections in a variety of animal hosts including rodents, cattle, and other domestic animals, with humans serving as incidental hosts. You can avoid these diseases by fighting the animals that produce them, such as rats. That is why we joined forces to talk to the New York government and its mayor so that they can find some measure to end this invasion of rats.

The government implementing street cleaning in New York would also help rats to decrease because we know that rats only live where there is dirt so if we don’t want to see rats in our homes and gardens we have to keep every corner of our places clean. According to Telemundo, “14.5 million dollars, which are included in this fiscal year’s budget, will be needed to keep every corner of the city clean, according to Mayor Eric Adams. The intention, added Adams, is to combat the increase in garbage that the streets of New York have suffered by increasing the number of people circulating in the City after the pandemic.” In my opinion, it is a good way to combat rats since, as we know, it is a huge problem that affects our city and our daily lives. Nobody likes having rats in their house, so I think that this is a good way to combat rats.  Also if the mayor is being asked about it, it is because that problem will really improve soon, and I think that all citizens hope that these methods work.


With all these reforms, we can see that this issue is very important and that it is hardly touched.  Now we can see how the mayor of New York is coming to an agreement with the authorities to combat rats in the streets and so little to improve this problem a little. That affects us all and also that we can help each other to keep our streets cleaner and free of rats. It is very important that this news reaches the ears of all citizens and that they know that there will soon be a solution for this infestation that drives us all crazy.