Age Can’t Define the Power of Passion


Ithalo Villanueva

There’s nothing more incredible to see than when you have passion for something! My friend Charlotte is like a mother to me; she is passionate about art. She is a real artist and she makes amazing drawings. I met her when I just came to the United States, and she supported me in so many ways such as helping me with education, financially, and most importantly the love as a mother. She first started teaching me art. I was taking classes with her once a week. Even though I am not so good at drawing she taught me so many things. For example, I learned how to paint nicely, I learned how to write sentences in English, and I also learned English fast because she doesn’t speak Spanish and at the time my English wasn’t so good, so I had to force myself and try to speak with her the best I could. She was the starting point for many opportunities for my new world in the U.S. Later on many things happened and she couldn’t be able to keep teaching me. The pandemic began,  and she was afraid of traveling because of getting infected. She lives in Harlem, so she didn’t feel safe taking the bus to come and teach me. However, since things got better, I have been visiting  her. Riverside Park in NYC it’s a place where she always goes to draw. She loves drawing things that are related to nature. I’ve come to know her very well and I can tell that her passion for art is bigger than anything else in this world. Charlotte is a vivid example of what real passion is. There’s nothing that can stop her from doing what she loves, which is art, not her age, weather, or anything else. She always finds a way to draw. When you have a passion about something, nothing else matters. On Monday, May 30 she was making this beautiful drawing from a branch of a tree. She was really focused and it was pretty interesting to see her drawing with so much joy. These pictures demonstrate that when you love something, the passion comes through.